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World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game World: 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version). Interactive educational game Online Seterra

World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Quiz Game is fun and educative game which test your knowledge about world’s north capital cities. In this game, user will have to complete a picture of one major world city by guessing the missing part of the picture. For example, if the word “Victoria” is missing from the word “VICTORIA_” then user can select letter U, then V, then I, then C and T in order to complete the full picture.. Are you looking for games that are both family-friendly, educational and fun to play? Look no further than the World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Quiz Game!. This is an entertaining game that can help you learn the names of the world’s major cities. The game “World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Quiz Game” includes 21 main cities in the United States, most of which are common tourist destinations. If a player doesn’t know the name of a city, he or she will receive points for each correct answer.. World 21 Major Cities is a Scrabble-like version of the world map. This Arabic version supports Arabic and English languages, you can switch between these two languages in any stage of the game. It comes with a variety of like attractive interface and other features that make it stand out against other apps.

World 21 Major Cities is a quiz game where you discover the major cities of the world. As you play, you will see how amazingly beautiful the world we live in is and how much you can learn from just playing a simple 21 questions quiz. You can learn more with the free online version of the game on This game has been developed by World 21.Net, Powered by AJAX Content Delivery Network and One of the Top Web Design Company in India. The Cartoon Version of World Cities Quiz is a cool game which tests your knowledge of world countries.. Guy in the game: “Hi! It’s me, the 21 cities quizzer. Here’s a map of world’s major cities. Can you name them?” Player: “Okay, Disneyland is in San Francisco.” Cartoon figure on the screen: “That’s correct!”. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE WORLD’S CITIES?!… Think you’re a geography expert when it comes to the world’s major cities? Test your knowledge and prove you’re a real Geography whiz by playing this game! The rules are simple, choose a country and click on the capital city. Can you match them up? If you can’t play any of the provided countries just type in your own in the box below.

This quiz game is designed to test your knowledge of major cities in the world. How many major cities can you name in the world that have a population of over 1 million? If you enjoy playing this quiz, don’t forget to rate it. We appreciate 5 star reviews and constructive feedback.. At cityzeum, we’re all about fun geography learning. So for this week’s cartoon quiz, we’ve decided to show you our cartoon version of some of the most amazing cities in the world.

World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Map

World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Map

In this blog I will be reviewing the World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) Map. I have been provided a chance to review one more time for any interested buyer. This is a unique product that does not only make your home look appealing but will also bring back the old memory of your childhood.. The World 21 major cities cartoon map can be a useful tool and reference when exploring the world. The major cities map is divided into four regions: China, Japan, Australia, and the Americas.. Cartoon version of the popular 21 major cities maps. Our 21 major cities map is a great product for you to use to inspire children and adults alike. I am a designer that specializes in minimalist design, which aims to reduce an item’s visual complexity without reducing its functionality. This can often be seen in my work with backgrounds and icons.. Now, it is your turn. First select the task or question you would like to answer then make a map of world 21 major cities. You can do this individually, in groups or as a class.

Cartoon Version of the Major World Cities Map.. World 21 is a major cities map that provides viewers with an at-a-glance look at the world’s metropolitan areas. The map simplifies its content by highlighting only the largest metro area in each country.. If you like world maps, you are going to love this animated map. It shows 21 major cities around the world with a magnificient moving background. The animation makes you fall in love with the map, it’s really well done.. This is a completely different kind of map. It features 21 famous cities modelled in various styles, including Boston, London and San Francisco.

This is a map of the world’s major cities but with a twist! It’s not the serious, boring type you’re used to seeing – it’s the funny and entertaining version. You may wonder why I’m showing you this map. The reason is that I’m about to cover some interesting facts about each city and I’d like to see your reactions. Before getting started, there are two things that should be cleared out. First, this is by no means a comprehensive list of all major cities in the world. There are at least 46 more that didn’t make it to this list so feel free to visit this site (click here) for the full map. Second, these are also not considered ‘cities’ in our definition. They’re actually urban areas, which means they’re entirely made up of urban areas and no rural area (rural refers to any area which is not urban, or otherwise called metropolitan area).. Looking for a map of major cities in the world? Here is a collection of animated maps from multiple sources that might help you.

Geography Game World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version)

Geography Game World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version)

Geography Game World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version) is a fun geography game to learn the location of world’s major cities. This cartoon version is a great companion to world map puzzle we have created previously and which you find here . The game includes two difficulty levels, easy and hard. After completing all 21 levels, you can submit your score and claim your place in our competition scoreboard! Good luck!. It’s a big world out there. Our team at Geography-Awarness is trying to help people visualize it better. In game form. So we’re back with our second installment of the Geography Game World 21 Major Cities.. World 21 major cities is a card game that helps to improve geography knowledge of basic information about all the World’s countries, capitals and flags.. We have created a typographic map of the world 21 major cities with their names. These cities are from the European and African continents. All the tipes of the letters are well presented. You will enjoy the geography game.

In this educational game for kids you will learn about 21 major cities: Brussels, Athens, Oslo, Budapest, Paris, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Edinburgh, Lisbon and 14 more.. Here is a geography game where you’re going to have to find the right country out of 21 major cities of the world.The game starts with an image of a main street in one of the 21 major cities. From there, players will have to choose the correct answer from among four answers for each question.. if you like geography, then this game is for you. Enjoy.. Do you like geography quizzes? (If not, why are you reading this?) Do you like geocaching? If so, then we’ve got the game for you!

Geography can be fun!. The world we live in is shrinking every day. Just take a look at, a website that updates on almost a minute-by-minute basis showing the population growth of cities across the globe.

Map of World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version)

Map of World 21 Major Cities (Cartoon Version)

You have seen a map of the world 21 major cities now on this post we are going to show you a colorful version of it, Africa has five bigger cities: Cairo, Lagos, Kinshasa, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg. North America has from three cities Mexico city, New York and Los Angeles and South America has three too: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Cairo. Europe has eight major cities London, Paris, Berlin and Moscow are the four largest in Western Europe, while Istanbul, Madrid and Rome are in Eastern Europe. Asia also has eight big cities with Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Osaka. Asia larger cities is India Mumbai and Delhi. So far we have counted 21 large cities around the world what about the smaller ones?. This is a cartoon version of the Map of 21 Major Cities in the World. The purpose of this map is to help you to memorize the names and locations of the 21 major cities in the world.. Here below is a fast and easy way to look at a cartoon map of the world 21 major cities on your screen.. Hello and welcome to this edition of Map of World, a series in which we examine the world from an interesting demographic perspective — and today, why not have a little fun? Time to make your cities pop from A-to-Z, kind of like an old school book or comic map! Yeah you can call this 20th letter”cartoon version” if you want to — no matter what, it will be super awesome!

If you are going to visit one of the 21 major cities, then you will need a map. Do not worry. We have the map for you. The map includes roads, buildings and scenery.. Ever wanted to understand how the world’s 21 major cities are connected and where are located? Here you go!. For all those of you who enjoy geography, things that are funny, or funny things that are a little bit like geography (?), you’re in luck. Presenting a 21 major cities map to hang on your walls or send to friends.. You might think it would be very difficult to simplify a map of the world by reducing it to only 21 major cities, and you’d be right. But I managed to do it anyway.

How are you? This is a cartoon map of the world’s major cities which I drew. It took me about one week to make it. It’s my first time drawing such a big map, so there may be some flaws, but I put more emphasis on the style than perfect accuracy.. You’ve probably heard of a world map, and you’ve also probably seen a map of countries. But have you ever seen a map of the world’s largest cities or one showing the populations of both countries and their capitals?