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Western Africa Capitals Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Western Africa: Capitals. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Test your knowledge of Western African cities by taking the fastest Western Africa Capitals Quiz on the web.. As I was browsing the internet one day, I came across an interesting game. It was a fun little website that quizzed you on the Capitals of all the countries in Western Africa. Even though I was an expert on African geography, at the time, it was still challenging for me!. If you love games that can be played on your mobile device or mobile phone, then this is the game for you. You will have fun while learning the capitals of every country in Western Africa with this game.. Here’s a fun, custom-made quiz game for all those geography fans out there. See how many of the 13 western Africa capitals you can match with their country by typing in their name.

Here is a quiz game I designed to test your knowledge of capitals of Western African countries. The developer team over at Gamesfreegames have tried their best to make this application look attractive and easy to use.. Here’s a small game for you to play. It will test your knowledge of the African continent and the country capitals. You can download the game from: I know you enjoy learning interesting new facts, so I’ve made another quiz for you. It’s a fun Western Africa geography quiz about capitals. Test your knowledge and take the quiz!. This game is made for you who want to see how many African Capitals you know. The 41 questions are very easy – only consist of countries in Western Africa. You will be given three capital cities, and will have to choose the correct one. Not all country capitals are listed, so it can be hard to win. Have fun!

Have fun learning African geography while competing against your friends and family. Western Africa is a series of countries in Africa. Test your knowledge of the nations of Western Africa by playing this quiz. The game was designed to be fun for all ages so start challenging yourself or challenge a friend or family member.. Have you ever played a geography quiz game? Test your geography knowledge by answering questions about African countries. We’ve added a fun twist — instead of choosing multiple choice answers, only one is correct. This quiz will test your general knowledge as well as your country capitals.

Western Africa Capitals Map

Western Africa Capitals Map

This Western Africa capitals map is based on the ISO 3166-2:GB standard and lists capitals of countries in Western Africa (not to be confused with North Africa).. The Western Africa capital cities map includes the capitals of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leon and Ivory Coast. Hope you like it!. Wondering what the capital cities of Western Africa are? Well, look no more! Here is a map of all the capitals in Western Africa.. We created a map with all the capitals of Western African countries – This is in alphabetical order.

Here you will find a complete list of capitals in western Africa from Benin to Sierra Leon.. Western Africa is known for its beautiful beaches, rainforests and animal sanctuaries. Below is an animated map of Capital Cities in Western Africa. The following map shows the capital cities of the 15 countries of Western Africa.. There are 25 countries in Africa and each has its own capital. Below is a map of Western Africa with the capitals of each of the sixteen countries highlighted:

I have created a map that contains the capitals of Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso and a whole lot more.. You’ve probably heard of the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast. These are all countries in Western Africa that are known for their rich resources. And you can see a map of the region here .

Geography Game Western Africa Capitals

Geography Game Western Africa Capitals

Everyone likes to learn and improve their geography knowledge. But it can be hard to choose a feature. That’s why we highly recommend you play our Geography Game Western Africa Capitals. It’s a great, fun way to test your knowledge about this subject!. The Geography Game Western Africa Capitals is a geography quiz about the capitals of all 53 West African countries – their capital cities and where they are located in Africa.. Do you like geography games? Geography knowledge is an important part of identity. Find out more information about this region with the Western Africa Capitals game.. I am doing this geography game on the Western Africa Capitals and it is hard. I need your help to solve these 12 problems.Follow the instuctions and do not skip any questions. When you think you have solved it click on the answer for the picture to see if you were right. Some of them will have 2 right answers others just 1. It is not timed but you should try your best to solve them all in order without skipping any questions or using the hints!

Play a fun Geography game and learn the capitals of the Western Africa countries. With 10 questions to answer, see how many you can get right.. Here’s a geography game to test your knowledge of the capitals of western Africa. You choose one of the countries and try to guess its capital.. Do you want to learn more about Western Africa? Then play our geography game! How fast can you identify the 15 capitals listed?. This geography game tests your knowledge of African country capitals in Western Africa. For each question, click on the corresponding answer to show its name. You must be logged into Facebook to play this quiz.

You got: Western Africa is the region of Africa west of the African Great Lakes. Capital cities in Western Africa include: Abidjan, Ouagadougou, and Banjul.. Africa is a big continent. How big? Well, it is bigger than the United States, China and Europe combined. As such, it is also hard to memorize all the capitals of each country in Africa. However, there are some easier countries to know than others. So let’s begin!

Map of Western Africa Capitals

Map of Western Africa Capitals

Here you will find HQ printable maps of Western Africa Capitals for kids and adults. In the list down below you can easily track and use any map of Western Africa like: (1)Map of Benin,Abidjan – Capital City, (2)Benin Map with Capitals and important cities ,(3)Map of Burkina Faso,Ouagadougou – Capital City, (4)Burkina Faso Map with Capitals and important cities ,(5)Cameroon Map with Capitals and important cities ,(6)Cape Verde Map with Capitals and important cities ,(7)Cote d’Ivoire Map with Capitals and important cities ,(8)Guinea Bissau Map with Capitals and important cities ,(9)Mali Map with Capitals and important cities ,(10)Mauritania Map with Capitals and important cities ,(11)Niger Map with Capitals and important cities ,(12)Nigeria Map with Capita…. Would you like to stick a pin in every western Africa capital? This map of western Africa capitals is just the thing for a geography lesson.. A map of the western Africa Capitals including the countries from 1, Cameroon to 34, Guinea-Bissau. Western Africa is the westernmost region of Africa. It is generally considered to include the following countries, or sometimes parts of countries: Former French colonies Benin Burkina Faso Cape Verde Côte d’Ivoire The Gambia Ghana Togo Liberia Mali Mauritania Niger Nigeria Sierra Leone Senegal and Guinea The Gambia Senegal Comoros Islands Guinee-Bissau Liberia Mayotte Morocco. Is your knowledge about the Western Africa top capital cities? If you can answer questions about them, feel free to go and try some practise questions. The map above is just a map showing the position of Western Africa capital cities.

The map of western Africa is a large, detailed map of the western African subregion, which includes all of the nations belonging to the African Union (AU), as well as those that are not members of the AU.. A map of African capital cities.. Here’s a map of Africa to help you learn the capitals of Western Africa. It includes all ten countries in this subregion.. Drawing a blank when asked about the capital of Western Africa? Here’s a map to help.

Western Africa has lots of interesting things to see and do. It is very hot in the summer, but its great weather in the winter!. You are not alone if you’re unsure about the capitals of every nation in Western Africa. You will be surprised with how easy it is to memorize them using this quiz!