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The Middle East Cities Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game The Middle East: Cities. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Take a break with this quick Middle East Cities Quiz. Learn the names of the cities and countries of the Middle East while having fun by playing The Middle East Cities Quiz Game!. Introducing the Middle East Cities Quiz Game – the most challenging geographical quiz game you have ever played. Test your knowledge of cities from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and other middle eastern countries. You will have to guess the names of cities based on a series of question and answers about each city.. Middle Eastern cities can be quite hard to pronounce. How would you like to improve your pronunciation skills? Well, try out our new Middle East Cities Quiz Game and see if you can recognize which of the following cities belong to the listed country.. Test your knowledge of the Middle East cities and become a true adventurer! Like all of our games, this is an entirely free game. You can make as many “hits” as you like, every day. The only way anyone will be notified that you’ve made a “hit” on the website, is if you want them to be notified. Otherwise, your hits will never be shared with anyone else—and more importantly, hidden from everyone who doesn’t need to know about them. There is no obligation to share your “hits” with anyone. But those who participate in this activity, do so with the understanding that it may be visible to other users in the game (but their individual names won’t be). Take it at your own pace. There’s no charge for playing this game. If you want to play without making “hits” public, feel free visit:

In this quiz game you have to find out which of the given cities belongs to the Middle East. You start by clicking GO and then answer the questions on the game interface. The game is 100% free, has no adverts and takes about 5 minutes to complete.. How clever are you? Do you know your cities? Are you curious about the varying cultures in different Middle East countries? If so, then this game is for you! In this game, we will ask you questions about cities from Egypt, Israel, Palestine and other countries. So if you think you have what it takes to be an expert at Middle Eastern geography then let’s begin.. This game was created as a way to better learn about the Middle Eastern cities. It covers 15 of the most important cities in the middle east.. A really fun, educational and addictive game using images from Google Maps. Everyone can play this game and enjoy learning about cities in the Middle East without even realizing it!

This quiz will test your knowledge of cities in the Middle East. The answers are not always the obvious choices. Good luck!. Can you recognize Middle Eastern cities with your eyes closed? Test your geography knowledge in this interactive element.

The Middle East Cities Map

The Middle East Cities Map

The Middle East Cities Map allows you to easily find the largest cities in countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq and Iran. There’s also a list of smaller towns, villages and cities.. The Middle East Cities Map helps you find the best destinations to visit in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Cairo, Alexandria, Beirut and Amman. The tourist attractions of these Middle Eastern cities are easily accessible from a number of major airports such as Dubai International Airport (DXB), Hamad International Airport (DOH), King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED), Diwaniya International Airport (ALA) and Al Nasr Leisureland (HBE).. Everyone should know your city and understand its neighborhood relations. This Middle East Cities Map is a great tool for learning about cities, as well as seeing how countries are related. For example, in Israel, you will find Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.. Interested in the Middle East? Want to find a city within the region? The Middle East Cities Map is an interactive map that shows you pictures and information on most of the cities of the Middle East, plus statistics and stories. The map also lists some important cities outside of this region, if they are related to it in any way.

You are an ambitious traveler and you always wished to visit different countries, especially Middle East and see the cities. But first you should start learning about the Middle East cities. If you’re planning a trip to the Middle East and want to learn a little more about its history, politics, culture, economy, geography and climate in order to decide on a country that is right for you, then we’ve created this Middle East Cities Map just for you!. The Middle East Countries Map provides basic information on the geography of the region. This page includes the flags and other symbols of the countries, major cities and capitals as well as boundaries, a basic fact sheet and links to related sites.. Use this Middle East City map by searching for your city and state using the search bar up top. Just type in the name of the city (for example Algier or Cairo) and then select the state/province you want to see results for (for example Wilayah of Alger).. We can send you our free (and very nice) map of Middle East cities, including maps of: Dubai; Abu Dhabi; Muscat; Kuwait; Riyadh; Cairo; Alexandria. Please enter your email below and also put the word “map” in the subject line. You’ll get it tomorrow!

The Middle East Map is an unique template for your business. Our map comes in vibrant colors and has a minimalist design that makes it perfect for your marketing campaigns and presentations.. You’ve landed on the Middle East Map page. Here you can choose which country you are interested in and see the list of cities in that country. Select a specific city to view its location on the map and viewing distance from other cities. You can also find some important information about the city such as population, estimated metro area population, latitude and longitude, time zone and so on…

Geography Game The Middle East Cities

Geography Game The Middle East Cities

Do you like geography games? I love geography games. They make me feel smart, but they also can be fun and at times challenging to play. I find they are a great way to not just learn about geography which, let’s face it, can be boring and complicated, but also to have some friendly competition with friends and family. And when you’re competing over geography, really who’s going to lose? This is why I think it was awesome when I found out about the Middle East Cities Challenge game from my dad.. Let’s play a geography game to learn more about the Middle East cities!. Are you interested in the Middle East? If so, then this geography game is for you! We’ve created this game for our customers who enjoy talking about geography. This game will allow you to choose any cities from the Middle East and guess where they are located on a map.. It’s time for another geography game. This time, we’re learning about cities in the Middle East. No, not the Middle East like how you think of it (a war-torn area with lots of terrorists), but instead the Middle East like how an adult thinks of it (an area between Europe and Asia). Let me know if you find this game as fun as I did.

Play a fun geography game with Middle East cities. Middle East countries include:- Bahrain- Cyprus- Egypt (including the Sinai Peninsula)- Iran (including the Persian Gulf)- Iraq- Jordan- Kuwait- Lebanon- Oman- Palestine/Gaza Strip- Qatar- Saudi Arabia (including the Shamaliyah Region, Najd Province, and Hejaz)- Syria (including Syrian Desert and Arabian Desert)- United Arab Emirates (including the Ru’us al Jibal, Al Hajar Mountains, and Jafurah Region)- Yemen. Do you know the capital of Qatar? What about Oman? If you’re a fan of geography, you’ll love this game. Questions are asked in English and Arabic ​and two languages at a time if they are in the same group. The Middle East is one region, but can be played as a country group. You only get three chances to guess where the capital is, however each wrong guess gives you 10 points.. You’re here because you want to learn more about the Middle East and its capital cities, right? Excellent. You’ve made a great choice! I know what you might be thinking; “Is this some sort of geography quiz?” No, it’s actually a little bit better than that. Let me explain… This is a game for geography students to test their knowledge of the countries in the Middle East.

Challenge your geography knowledge! Build a city from scratch, discover the history of famous empires, make friends from around the world and learn about their culture. In the game you will find:. Do you like geography? If you do, come and test your geography skills with our new game. The object of the game is to match the capital cities to their countries.

Map of The Middle East Cities

Map of The Middle East Cities

Here is a Map of the Middle East Cities. These cities are located in countries of the Middle East.. Learn about the map of the middle east cities belonging to Iraq, Israel, Jordan and Iran.. This page shows a Map of Middle East Cities. For visitors seeking information about the countries or cities in the Middle East, this page is the right place. Here we will see Map of Middle East Cities where you can find information such as City Name, Country, Continent, Latitude and Longitude, Telephone Code and Time Zone as well as links to Wikipedia.. A map of Middle East cities, capitals and regions.

There are a lot of maps out there, but this one is mine. It’s a map of cities in the Middle East. You can click on the map of Middle East cities and see what’s in each city or click on each city on the map to learn more about them individually.. This is a map of Middle East cities.. A map of Middle Eastern Cities. This online Road Map will allow you to view a detailed satellite and street maps of the region.. Have you ever wanted to visit the Middle Eastern countries? I haven’t and I’m pretty sure no one else has either. Instead, I’ve created maps depicting the countries of the Middle East in a simplistic way using Microsoft Paint and the unimaginably cheap Adobe Illustrator. This will help you get a mental map of the Middle Eastern cities.

Have you ever wondered what the capitals of different countries in the Middle East are, or where certain Middle Eastern countries are located on a map? This can be difficult to do, especially if you’re not too familiar with geography or the Middle East.. The Middle East is the bridge between the West and Asia, forming a triangle off the coast of Turkey and Russia. This explains why the region has always been a major crossroads for trade, military campaigns, and migration.