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Syria Governorates Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Syria: Governorates. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Syria Governorates Quiz Game can enhance your knowledge about Syria Governorates and help you test your knowledge.. Think you know everything about Syria’s governorates? Well, then it’s time to find out. The Syria Governorates Quiz Game is a simple game that introduces you to Syria’s diverse culture and people. You’ll be introduced to the governorates of Syria and test your knowledge on facts about each of them.. Sure Syria is under a difficult situation now, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know it better. This Quiz game covers the Syrian Governorates and cities so you can familiarize yourself with the area.. Nothing’s more exciting than a quiz game. In fact, you’ve been craving one lately. That’s why I created this very exciting quiz game. Test your knowledge of Syria Governorates below:

Think you know your Syria governorates? Prove it! Test yourself against our fun quiz – a great tool to stretch your knowledge after the news, whilst enjoying some nostalgia and fun! The quiz has 20 questions. I admit we can’t say the quiz is “internationally accredited”, but we will give you the option of sharing your result on social media and attaching a link to the WRMEA website.. What do the people of each Syria governorate prefer to eat? What are their occupation? What are their hobbies? Can you guess their favorite Syrian singer or actor? Take our quiz to find out!. This free game will help you memorize the name of Syria’s fourteen governorates. It is built to be played as a competitive game between people in your own class or students from your school. If you are planning to visit Syrian, this game is for you!. Can you identify the Syria governorates? Test your knowledge on which Syrian province is where in this new, free app from SentiOne!

How much do you know about Syria governorates? Test your knowledge and learn more about Syria.. Try and guess the Syrian governorate to advance to the next level.

Syria Governorates Map

Syria Governorates Map

Interested to know more about Syria Governorates Map? Check here: Syria Governorates Map. Here is the clickable map of Syria Governorates – Syria Governorates Map, Syria governorates map, Syria map and cities, Syria provinces and Districts.. There is a simple and clear Syria map where you can see all the Syria governorates. This map is easy to use, very lightweight and loads fast even in areas with bad internet connection.. Syria is divided into 17 governorates. Each governorate is divided into districts and each district into subdistricts, towns, and villages. You can see the detailed map of Syria governorates here:

Here is a Syrian governorates map. It’s available as a poster too: There is a lot of information on the internet regarding Syria, but it can be hard to find what you’re actually looking for. Let me try and make your search easier by giving you a map of Syria’s governorates.. The above map we made shows the Syrian governorates, you can use it to locate the cities, it is possible to zoom in and out by clicking the links in the left hand panel.. A governorate is a province or a county. Governorates are a tool used to organize and divide countries into smaller regions. Syria has been sectioned into fifteen governorates as of 2011.

Syria is divided into 14 governorates: Al-Hasakah Governorate (Al-Ḥasakah al-Aḥmar / الحسكان الأحمر) Ar-Raqqah Governorate (Ar-Raqqa / عَـرْقَـٰعَـة) As-Suwayda Governorate (Sūwaydā / سويداء) Daraa Governorate (Darā’ / دارع) Damascus Governorate (Damashq / دمشق‎) Dayr al-Zur Governorate (Dayr Ḑiş / دير الزور) Deir ez-Zor Governorate (Dêir ez Zor / الدير الزر Guard of the Zenith [Syria] or Land of the Palms [Syria] ) Hama Governorate (Ḥamāwīyah / حماوية) Homs Governorate (Ḥoms, H̱oms / Ḥumṣ or H̱. I’ve been following the Syrian Civil War, and you’re not alone. In fact all that’s going on in Syria is a bit confusing. Just take a look at their civil war map, it’s red all over!

Geography Game Syria Governorates

Geography Game Syria Governorates

The Geography Game Syria Governorates is an educational game. The key objective in this game is to transform Syria’s governorates from provinces into states by adding capitals and connecting them along borders. This will require your spatial thinking because you will have to rotate the governorates, drop their capital cities and connect the borders.. Draw the map of Syria with Prodigy Game Geography Syria Governorates. You should draw each governorate while listening to their name and you will learn them a lot better then from studying isolated on a piece of paper. We tried this method with our students and saw improvement in just one class . Enjoy it .. This is a geography game about Syrian Governorates. Syria’s Governorates are the country subdivisions. The country has 14 governorates. They are divided into districts and each district is subdivided into Municipal Districts.. Are you looking for a good geography game? You should play the Syria governorates quiz. This quiz allows you to learn more about these Syrian governorates.

Which Syrian governorate is the largest in Syria? Where are Aleppo, Damascus and Homs located? Take this geography quiz game to learn more about the Syrian governorates.. This Syria geography question will test your knowledge of the Syrian governorates. You have to match the name of the governorate to each number, there are only 10 questions in this Syria Geography game.. You are given a series of locations which you must guess. Some persons and places are easy, and some others very difficult. Can you recognize all the Syrian Governorates? Good luck in this fun game!. This Syria geography game includes a set of category cards and a set of geography question prompts. In each round, players can select category cards from one of the four categories to complete. Also, in each round, players will receive questions about different aspects and places in Syria.

Think you know your Syria? Test how well you really know the country using this interactive game. Each governorate uses Google Maps and population data from Wikipedia, so it’s super easy to create! I built this as a way to learn more about the country and potentially help some fellow edupreneurs, who are still relatively new to the region. Really hope that you enjoy this game!. Did you know that Syria is the 22 nd largest country in the world. It’s area is 185,180 km2 (71,498 sq mi) and it has a population of 20,928,853 people (2013 estimate). Syria is located at Latitude and Longitude: [N 33° 1′ 0″ – E 36° 12′ 0″]

Map of Syria Governorates

Map of Syria Governorates

Map of Syria GovernoratesThis map shows the seven governorates and major cities of Syria.. You will find below several map of Syria governorates.. This is a map of Syria governorates with links to their corresponding Wikipedia pages. Below the map, you will also find a list of governorate names in both English and Arabic.. The Syrian civil war has led to the destruction of many famous historical landmarks in Syria, including ancient cities like Aleppo and Palmyra. Syria is also home to some of the earliest human civilizations with settlements from as early as 8,000 years ago. The province borders have been drawn and redrawn by various occupiers through history so each country’s modern territory is a representation of the different cultures that have dominated it. Still, we wanted to create a complete map of Syria governorates for those who are interested in tracking the conflict.

This printable map of Syria governorates shows the 21 different regions of the country, each with its own capital. This map of Syria will help you learn about the country’s different areas, cities and capitals.. I created this map with MapChart.NET from a public domain data from Wikipedia. It shows the borders of Syria’s 14 governorates and the last official Syrian census data (2004).. Now that Syria has resolved itself from the Syrian Civil War, its time to make a map of the country and its governorates. I already made a map of Syria but it was just for Rojava (Kurdish areas). This map will have both Rojava and the rest of Syria.. Maps of Syria showing the 22 governorates and the capital Damascus.

There’s a lot of Maps on the internet. So I thought it would be good to put together a resource page of the best Maps that I’ve used over the years. Most of these maps are of Syria and show things like the relief, cities, roads, rivers, population, borders, etc.. Syria is a country in Western Asia on the Mediterranean Sea with coastlines on the Syrian and Mediterranean Seas. It’s capital, Damascus, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. The climate of Syria is arid to semi-arid, with hot, dry summers and cooler, wetter winters.