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Slovakia Regions Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Slovakia: Regions. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Are you more than just a tourist in the Republic of Slovakia? Find out at Slovakia Regions Quiz Game. One of our most successful apps.. You’ve probably heard of Travel Quiz or the Lonely Planet Quiz, but how about a game to test if you know all regions in Slovakia? Below is a map puzzle to play our Slovakia Regions Quiz Game. The objective is to find all 10 regions in our country using as few hints as possible. The game is similar to the Slovak Republic Map Puzzle .. Slovakia Regions Quiz Game is a challenging quiz game. We quizzed, tested and filtered all the regions in Slovakia to bring you the best! Your aim is to guess the name of each region on the map. You score 1 point for every correct answer and lose 1 point for every incorrect answer. You are given 10 seconds per every question. Good luck and start playing!. I am very grateful to you for your interest in our geography quiz game based on the regions of Slovakia. It is a great help to me and my small, two-man development team. We are currently working on releasing it, and we expect it to be available shortly.

I’m a big fan of geography, so I thought it’d be fun to create a quiz game about Slovakia regions.. Brush up your geography skills and learn about Slovakia regions in this free, fun and challenging game.. Quiz your knowledge of Slovakia’s regions with this entertaining and easy game.. This is a fun multiple choice quiz game where you have to guess the name of Slovakia’s regions. It includes historical photos of regions (with the exception of Banska Bystrica region) and it has questions about Slovakia’s regions, capitals and flags.

Because nothing says fun like a good game of geography. Test your knowledge of Slovakia’s regions and compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score.. Did you know that the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava? It is a medium size country in Europe with 10 regions and 589 cities. Find out if you know everything about Slovakia by playing this quiz game. Your goal is to guess the name of the cities in the map – but be aware that it’s not easy! You will be given 2 minutes to answer all questions correctly.

Slovakia Regions Map

Slovakia Regions Map

Attached you see a Slovakia Regions Map. This map demonstrates the administrative division of Slovakia into 8 regions and 1 capital city with its respective districts. You also see that there is one Autonomous Region of Bratislava, which doesn’t belong to any of above listed regions.. I have prepared a Slovakia regions map to represent the 8 regions of Slovakia. I live in eastern Slovakia and love this region, I hope you will enjoy my Slovak map.. This Slovakia Region Map is created based on a data from a regionalisation analysis performed in 2012. The administrative boundaries that are represented here are based on the official administrative regions including the functional regions and the NUTS-1 regions. This map includes only the 210 regions, while there are 11 more in total. A list of all 249 administrative regions of Slovakia can be found here. For other interesting maps of this kind check outMaps of Slovakia .. This is the regions map of Slovakia. Here you can see the administrative division into 8 regions and capital Bratislava. But before you read further please hover above the image to see the original HIGH resolution image!

Slovakia regions map with the administrative division of Slovakia.. If you love Slovakia then you will enjoy this map of the regions. All information on this page has been carefully researched and is as accurate as possible.. This is a clickable map of Slovakia showing its 8 regions.. I have created this color coded map of Slovak regions based on the official classification by Statistics Slovakia . This division is used for statistical and administrative purposes, and does not change with the political events. The 21 regions are divided into 8 statistical regions: Bratislava region Trnava region Nitra region Trencin region Presov region Kosice region Banska Bystrica region Zilina region

You’ve probably heard about different regions in slovakia, their names and you may have even seen a map of Slovakia. However, there is more to it…. We are visual beings. Just take a look at how we use the internet. With that in mind, maps are a great way to get a snapshot of both literal and metaphorical landscapes. In this case, you’re probably wondering why we decided to create a map of Slovakia.

Geography Game Slovakia Regions

Geography Game Slovakia Regions

Are you tired of the same geography games? Have you already had enough of long lists of countries presented in a table or boring maps which let you learn nothing new? If so, Geography Game Slovakia Regions is the game for you.. Play the Slovakia Regions Geography Game and try to match Slovakia regions with their descriptions. Have fun!. This is the third geography game I am making, it is based on Slovakia. I hope you will find this interesting and fun. I also recommend you to play my previous geography game of Slovenia and Croatia. The next game will be about Latvia which will come soon, if you want a specific country let me know in the comments below.. Geography can be very fun. Everyone has a chance to learn about the countries and capitals of the world and test their knowledge. If you’d like to play a geography game on the website, you should try out our Slovak regions map. Just click on your city’s flag and you will see what country it is in and some other useful information.

This geography map game is all about regions in Slovakia , a landlocked country in Central Europe . The more you play, the more you learn.. Explore Slovakia regions and test your knowledge of Slovakia geography.. You have 20 seconds to name all 8 Slovak regions. You start now.. Are you interested in learning about Slovakia (Slovak Republic)? Learn about the top Geography questions and facts with interactive maps, fun quizzes, lists of countries, and more!

The Slovak Republic is located in Central Europe and is made up of 8 regions, which are Bratislava, Western Slovakia, Central and Eastern Slovak Lowland, Eastern Carpathian foothills and Little Carpathians, Western Carpathians, Southern Morava Valley, and Danube Bend. The Northern region has bogs with drainage flowing into the Laborec river. The Middle and Eastern region are generally flat with fertile soils.. Use the map of Slovakia to answer the questions.

Map of Slovakia Regions

Map of Slovakia Regions

Slovakia Regions Map is a map of the 7 administrative regions of Slovakia : Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Trencin, Banskobystricky, Kosice, Presov.. Printable Map of Slovakia Regions showing the Middle, West and East Slovakia regions as well as the Capital city of Bratislava.. This is a map of Slovakia regions. [Map here]. I created this map of Slovakia regions in Illustrator based on public data. I added a lot of details so it might be helpful for you to understand the geography of Slovakia! Use the legend on the right to get more information about each region and click the map to see it in full resolution.

Here is small map of the Slovak Republic with a list of counties.. Here’s a nifty list of the 8 regions in Slovakia.. It was a difficult task to design a map of Slovakia as it’s a large country. Therefore it is useful only for the purposes of getting a general idea of the situation in Slovakia, which is also better achieved through maps of smaller regions.. You may have heard about Slovakia, but do you know how big or small it really is? This map of Slovakia will let you know.

Have you ever wanted to know the geography of Slovakia? Then you’re in luck. You’re just a click away of knowing it.. Geography can be confusing, especially in Slovakia. Specially if you are not familiar with the region names and borders.