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Slovakia Cities Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Slovakia: Cities. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Visiting a new country? Got nothing to do when traveling or just want something to do on your free time? You are at the right place! Slovakia Cities Quiz Game is a collection of fun and interesting facts about Slovak cities.. The Slovakia Cities Quiz Game is a fun and easy way for travelers to play quiz games about cities in Slovakia and learn them by heart.. Bored with traditional geography quizzes? Ready for something more exciting? The brand new Slovakia cities quiz game is an excellent way to learn about the geography of Bratislava and other Slovak cities. Just select which Slovak city should be paired with a random city from 6 continents, and see if you made the right choice!. After successfully playing the capital cities game for over 100 countries and regions, we decided to create another interesting geography quiz game for Slovakia. The aim of the game is to guess 10 Slovak cities from their images and name. The more you play our capital cities quiz games, the better you test your geography knowledge. [Some screenshots from the game…]

Play the Slovakia cities quiz game to test your geographical knowledge and general trivia skills. The fun and addicting game features a variety of countries in Europe and Asia! Can you name the cities?. Ever felt like you’re an expert on your country? Ever wanted to prove it? Then you need to check out Slovakia Cities! Slovakia is a land-locked country in Central Europe without many big cities. The country consists of high mountains and valleys, large forests, rivers and natural lakes (the second largest mountain lake system in the world). Slovakia’s landscape is relatively varied considering its size. Bratislava, the capital and largest city of Slovakia, has more than 50 beaches. And there’s more. There are also unique salt mines, a dense network of caves and dozens more natural sites which are perfect for exploring!. How many cities in Slovakia can you name? Have fun challenging your family and friends to this addicting geography quiz game. Think you know Slovakia well enough? Take the quiz and see!. Are you interested in the world? Do you want to know more about Slovakia? Well, this is your chance! This Slovakia quiz game contains 6 questions about the capital of Slovakia. Quiz game was made by Slovak authors. It is a great opportunity to know more about Slovak capital Bratislava while playing and having fun.

Do you want to show off your knowledge concerning Slovak cities? Or maybe you simply want to get to know more about Slovakia cities. This quiz is for you!. Are you ready to test your knowledge of Slovakia cities? This quiz is packed with interesting facts and challenging questions.

Slovakia Cities Map

Slovakia Cities Map

Did you know that Slovakia has two different maps: the administrative, and the political? While both of them are equally important, it can be trying to better understand your own geographical surroundings. That’s why I made this Slovakia Cities map!. To choose a city to live in Slovakia, here you have a Slovakia cities map. Choose the more attractive from 473 cities in this country!. Map of Cities in Slovakia with city map coordinates, official website, phone and more!. This is a collection of Slovakia cities and the best Slovak wordpress plugins for each city.

As a small country, Slovakia has many beautiful cities and towns. Today, we are going to take a look at the major cities in Slovakia. The map is not intended to catch all the small towns instead just main centers.. Looking to travel or just curious to see a map of Slovakia with cities and towns listed? This is the place. Just click on the town name and you will be directed to that place’s details.. If you need to know about the major cities of Slovakia, you’re at the right place. I have put together a list of the largest cities in Slovakia.. Map of Slovakia (Slovak: Slovenská Republika ) with administrative regions and cities map

It is an interactive road map of the Slovakia. You can zoom in or out. Some cities have markers you can click to get informations about them. Click on the second tab above the map to open a colorful, functional world map and switch to intertactive version.. Slovakia is a small country in Central Europe with population of 5.4 million. It covers an area of 29,000 km² and shares borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Ukraine. Slovakia has 23 cities with a population over 50,000. Bratislava is the capital and largest city in the country. Slovakia is divided into 8 regions (Krajové župy) plus 1 capital region (Priešny kraj). The biggest region of Slovakia is Central region (Stredoslovenský kraj) followed by Capital region (Priešny kraj).

Geography Game Slovakia Cities

Geography Game Slovakia Cities

Are you looking to challenge your geography skills? Have you always wanted to try an online game that tests your knowledge of the world’s countries, capitals and flags? Or maybe you’re tired of those flashcard applications that never seem to work as well as you would like them to. Whatever the case, I’d like to invite you to try Geography Game Slovakia Cities.. Slovakia is a country in Central Europe. This “small” country has a common border with four countries, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland. It is also bordered by Ukraine and has hydrocarbon reserves near its border with Russia. Slovakia’s capital city is Bratislava — which I’m certain you already knew because you’re a geography whiz AND you play Geography Games!. Geography Game is here and let’s learn continents.. A map quiz game with cities of Slovakia

If you have found this page, it means that you are playing the Geography Game! (opens in new window). Play the fun geography quiz game to test your knowledge of Slovakia’s major cities.. I was looking for a simple geography quiz to test the knowledge of my students. I wanted something more than just asking them to name EU countries, capitals and rivers. I came up with this game where students have to guess cities in Slovakia.. You want to challenge your geographical knowledge? Think you know the geography of Slovakia? Prove it! Take this quiz and see how much you really do know with questions like, “In which city is the oldest church in Slovakia?” and “Which city got its name after the Slovak word for eagle?.

In this exercise pupils will research pictures of Slovakia and identify the capital city.. Roll the dice to advance your token from city to city, matching the player with that city’s name. The first player to reach Bratislava wins.

Map of Slovakia Cities

Map of Slovakia Cities

Welcome to Map of Slovakia Cities! This resource is for all travelers, bloggers, interns, expatriates and people interested in cities of Slovakia. Maybe you are not familiar with Slovakia? Maybe you do know it somehow but want to be reminded again? This map is for you.. Welcome to the Map of Slovakia Cities. The map below shows all of the cities in Slovakia (Slovenská Republika). You can use the legend to switch between road map, satellite, or hybrid views as well as change the style of the map to match your own preference.. The map of Slovakia cities is a detailed, accurate and very highly zoomable original map which has been designed using online OpenStreetMap data. This means that the map can be easily used to locate streets and places within urban environments. The blue marker symbol ( ) indicates your current location based on the name of the city shown above. If you click on this marker it will display your exact position (longitude and latitude) in a small infobar on the left hand side of the page.. In order for you to be better prepared for your upcoming trip, I have decided to create this map of Slovakia cities. As you can see from the interactive map, Slovakia is a small country and it doesn’t take long to travel from one city to another.

Map of Slovakia, Slovakia cities, travel and tourism. I did this map to give you a better feeling for where the big cities are in Slovakia. If you click on a city you will get a more detailed map of just that city.. There are 3 major areas of Slovakia: Bratislava, Trnava Region, and the Nitra Region. The capital city is Bratislava, and that’s where our map begins. Our map shows Slovakia’s cities including names, locations and borders.. If you have the opportunity to visit Slovakia, one of the most interesting things to see are its many cities. Their names are sure easy on your tongue – Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Nitra, Žilina and Košice. They all look like jewels on a map. If you have been following our country guide series, so far you know something about Slovak mountains and its capital Bratislava. Now it is time to discover six historical towns. Bratislava is a town of historical monuments, with good night life and exciting entertainment options. You can view the map further down in the article, so now let me introduce you to six other jewels of Slovakia.

Map of Slovakia showing major cities, including Bratislava, Kosice and Trnava.. You are here to unlock cool stuff, right? Okay, let’s get started then. Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe, located in the Carpathian Basin. It is neighboured by Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland and Hungary to the south, Ukraine to the east, and Hungary to the north.