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Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Sierra Leone: Provinces and Areas. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

This is Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas Quiz Game. It’s a free, fun and educational quiz game that challenges players to learn all 59 Sierra Leone provinces and districts. Take this quiz now and test your knowledge.. The Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas Quiz Game is an excellent educational game for Sierra Leoneans. It will be fun for you and your friends, whether at home, a party or any social gathering.. In this exciting Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas Quiz game, you will have to do a quiz on all the 10 provinces of Sierra Leone with multiple choice quiz questions. You will have 5 chances to put in your answers. The future of beloved country Sierra Leone depends on what you choose. So don’t think twice, get started straight away!. Are you a Sierra Leonean? Do you want to know more about your country? Take the Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas quiz game.

Are you looking for a better way to test your knowledge on the Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas? This quiz game is up to the task. All you have to do is spin the wheel, answer a question and see how close you can get to getting all 50 of them correct.. Cram up on Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas so you can become a recognized leader in your community.. Sierra Leone is divided into four provinces and one area. Tap each circle to reveal the name of a province or area. Only when all circles are selected will you receive your score. The faster you complete the quiz, the higher your score will be.. This is the first of its kind game in Sierra Leone to test your knowledge about Sierra Leone provinces and the Local Government Areas.

Are you in Sierra Leone? Are you going to Sierra Leone? Are you planning on living in Sierra Leone? If your answer is YES, then this game is for you.. Sierra Leone is a West African country, known for its beaches and jungles. In 2007, the Government adopted a new flag which is dark blue, with a yellow star in the centre of an upward-pointing red triangle.The previous flag had been similar to the current flag of Liberia – but with two white stars on the diagonal yellow stripe. The Sierra Leone country code is +232, with additional codes +236 (Dial until connected) and +231 (Service numbers).

Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas Map

Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas Map

Click on and download Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas maps.. This map shows Sierra Leone’s provinces and areas. The Sierra leone map below is labeled with it’s provinces and areas, capitals, major cities and other settlements of interest. The area covered on the map is almost the same as the total area of Sierra Leone with about 97% of the nation covered in the map.. Looking for a map or a list of the provinces and areas in Sierra Leone? You’ve come to the right place.. Sierra Leone is a country in Africa with provinces and areas. See the map.

Below is a map of Sierra Leone showing its 10 provinces, 31 districts, 112 chiefdoms and 336 sub-chiefdoms.. Our newest interactive map is a tool that allows you to explore Sierra Leone by regions or provinces. You can hover your mouse over each region or province to see its name, number of districts and population. This can easily serve as your door-to-door guide to Sierra Leone.. Sierra Leone comes out with six (6) administrative and political regions. The total number of regions amounted to nine (9). The six provinces are: {Freetown, Moyamba, Bombali, Port Loko|, Tonkolili|, Bo|, Koinadugu}. This free, open source interactive map of Sierra Leone will make you feel like a local.

Ah, Sierra Leone – the country which suffered through a decade-long civil war that claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people and took countless more in refugee camps. The country has finally begun to emerge from the shadow of devastation and heal its wounds, but it will take time for Sierra Leone to fully recover and become a peaceful nation once again.. What time is it in Sierra Leone?

Geography Game Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas

Geography Game Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas

Geography Game Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas is the best game that helps you learn the locations of cities in Sierra Leone. It will challenge you to guess city names over its image.. A geography game on Sierra Leone boundaries. Learn about the administrative divisions of this African Country. Test your knowledge by answering questions about its Provinces and Areas. This is a fun way to learn facts about Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas. Feel free to share with friends or leave a comment.. Never heard of Sierra Leone? It’s a country in Africa, much like the other countries you’ve heard of. Sierra Leone is located in West Africa, bordering Guinea, Liberia and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. This is a game about Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas.. This geography game will help you learn the locations and names of Sierra Leone’s provinces, districts, territories and other areas.

This Geography Game will present you with a series of questions about Sierra Leone and its Provinces.. When you join this geography game you will see a map of Sierra Leone. You need to choose the correct answer about Sierra-Leone provinces and districts. If you select a correct answer, the region will get bigger. When it is as large as possible you can share your result online to challenge others. But be careful: if you choose an incorrect answer, the region will shrink. There are 3 levels of difficulty: easy, moderate and hard. The harder the level, the smaller the region and the more difficult the questions are.. Here are all the areas of Sierra Leone with their capital cities and population figures. The best geography game ever!. The challenge is a geography game, where you click on the Provinces to reveal the names of the Governorates – along with the code in blue and capital. This particular challenge test your knowledge of Sierra Leonean geography and your ability to work out the code once you have clicked on the corresponding province. Note: for those using mobile devices or the app, this page may not respond well across all browsers. In that case, use Chrome or Safari on a desktop computer for best results…

Geography is an important subject for kids to learn. It helps them understand the world around them better. When kids play a geography game, they get a chance to interact with the world and learn new things.. Geography is not just about memorizing countries, capitals and major rivers of the world but also about identifying distinct geographical entities. There are geopolitical, administrative and physical features that define these entities. Let’s identify some of them today.

Map of Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas

Map of Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas

Map of Sierra Leone Provinces and Areas. Information and a map for each province, plus maps of cities, major roads, capital city and topography.. Sierra Leone (Republic of Sierra Leone) is a country in West Africa, bordering Guinea and Liberia. This map of Sierra Leone Provinces and areas (departments, district, regions) will help you to find the specific area you are interested in.. This map of Sierra Leone was created to allow people to quickly see the division of Sierra Leone into provinces and areas. The map also provides information on how many districts there are in each area.. This map is a tiled overlay of the provinces and areas in Sierra Leone. It’s under development, so the features are limited right now. However, I plan on adding some new features. You can find out what those are by checking out this link .

This is a simple map of Sierra Leone. The map is separated into 8 provinces, 14 districts and 324 chiefdoms.. Created by the U.S. Census Bureau, this map shows the 10 provinces and 5 districts of Sierra Leone with its country boundaries and capital city (Freetown).. Sierra Leone has 6 provinces and a Western Area, here’s a map to help you get around.. Did you know there are at least 12 different places in Sierra Leone that share the name Bo District? There are also many other interesting facts and figures like this.

You’ve probably seen the beautiful map of Sierra Leone on this site, but if you haven’t, then click here or on the picture above. Now, before we start getting into some of the details about this particular map, I just want to say that even though it’s relatively easy to make maps in CartoDB, it is difficult to create a good visualization. If you’ve ever seen an ugly map with bad fonts and color choices or one with wrong directories on Google Maps – well that’s what happens when you don’t take several important things into consideration (I will get into this later). So, be ready for my always transparent review..