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French Speaking Countries Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game French Speaking Countries. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’m a language buff, but since moving abroad I have taken the time to learn French. While you do need to practice frequently to maintain your skills I’ve used various games, apps and websites to accelerate my learning. This inspired me to create an app called Quizly (to learn more click here) which has spoken questions and answers in French using a synthetic voice. I’ve also been working on my own standalone French Speaking Countries Quiz Game which can be played on the web or on iOS or Android.. The French Speaking Countries Nation Quiz Game is a challenging and fun way to test your knowledge of a beautiful continent. You can choose an easier starter level or a more advanced level, depending on your knowledge of geography. (Remember, the game difficulty increases with each correct answer). Learn about the most beautiful and well known cities of French speaking countries through this challenging French Countries vs Cities Quiz.. Learn and test your geography skills. Play a fun quiz game and learn about the French speaking countries.

Tap Game is a fun game to help you learn the names of the different countries in French. The game features meaningful graphics, catchy sound effects and a user friendly interface. It contains 12 rounds of the best French speaking countries like Canada, France, Syria etc. Every round is timed and contains 6 different questions in total.. Have you ever been on the plane, train or car on your way back home to France and had to quench your thirst for knowledge of the French-speaking countries? You can use your chance to improve your French while playing this fun and addictive game.. French Countries Game is a fun, interactive way to learn the name of all the countries in France. It’s very straightforward and easy to use as it has only one objective: naming all of them. You can also see how well you know these countries by checking your score at the end.. Learn French with this free quiz game for all ages. See how well you can guess the country names and their capitals in French. You can start by choosing a country from the drop-down menu or just tapping on any one of the 37 countries featured in the map below.

Country French language learning game for kids! With quiz encouragement and country flags.. Looking to practice your French? This is a fun and interactive way to learn both cities and countries in French. With over 600 questions in this game, you will learn French while playing.

Others French Speaking Countries Map

Others French Speaking Countries Map

This is a map of other French speaking countries in the world. Free map of the world countries that speak french. I was making a map for French speaking countries. Some were missing, so I asked my friend who is from Egypt but lives in Montreal. She quickly replied that Egypt wasn’t on the map. This map shows the location of French speaking countries in Africa, Europe and Southeastern Asia. There are five countries that speak French as an official language.

Want to know which countries speak French as an official language or a first language? Here’s a simple map highlighting all of the French speaking countries in the world.. France is not the only French speaking country. There are in fact more than 40 countries that speak French as a first language, from Belgium and Switzerland to Martinique and French Guiana.. This infographic comes from the team at National Geographic, who have created an interactive map showing the location of French-speaking countries around the world. Every single one of these nations is a member of France’s Francophonie movement, whose goal is to protect and promote the French language and culture across the globe.. Here is a map of the French speaking world:

Find out, who has created the map below, or check our blog about another country. Below is a map that details the location of French-speaking regions in the world. I’ve included links to get you started with learning French.

Geography Game French Speaking Countries

Geography Game French Speaking Countries

Geography Game French Speaking Countries – this is a French game for children with simple graphics. The game is directly in the browser and works on mobile devices, so you don’t need to download or install anything.. Learn the geography game French Speaking Countries in this article. It is a great game to check your knowledge.. Does geography excite you? Why not make geography fun with this French Speaking Countries Geography Game. It is a quiz where you are given a list of countries and you have to place the right flag onto the map. Learn where different languages are spoken around the world by playing games. You will learn geography and French, or other languages like Spanish or Catalan on your way to having fun.. French speaking countries are a part of a geography game.

Play the geography game with French speaking countries!. As part of the quest to expand your geographical knowledge, we’ve created a French speaking geography game. This specific game focuses on the countries that are spoken in French.. Have you ever played a geography game before? If yes then you will love our Geography Game, France. You have to make sure that your arrow doesn’t run out of bounces in this very simple test of accuracy.. You might already be an expert in geography, but do you know the capital of French-speaking countries? These are quite challenging questions…

This online geography game is based on countries of the world. The goal is simple: You have to find the specified capital of a country. Point and click on the colored flag to see if you are correct. If you guessed right, you will proceed to the next level and guess another country’s capital. Every answer is validated by the software upon submitting your answer, which seems to make the game even more interesting at every step.. Quiz: Which of these countries are French speaking?

Map of Others French Speaking Countries

Map of Others French Speaking Countries

Get a Map of Others French Speaking Countries World Map. While traveling in France, I have noticed that not everyone speak good English. And it’s understandable for me as I don’t even speak good French . So today I’ve decided to do a map of other French speaking countries so people like us can find ourselves in another country and at least know a few words.. Below map indicates the location and all the contact details of some other french speaking countries.For your knowledge,these countries include Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros archipelago (Union of Comoros), Congo-Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, France, Gabon (Gabonese Republic), La Reunion (French island in the Indian Ocean), Madagascar, Mali (Republic of Mali), Mauritania and Mauritius (Islamic Republic of Mauritius), Niger (Republic of Niger), Rwanda (Republic of Rwanda) and Senegal.. This map list the name of other French speaking countries. The colors show the type of regime in power.

I have for you today a list of all the other countries whose people predominantly speak French. Some are in North Africa, the Caribbean and others are scattered around the world but there is one thing that these countries have in common, the language of love. This map identifies the location and names of the locations of French-speaking countries.. A map with the countries where french is a spoken language.. There a whole load of countries where French is the official language spoken. However, that’s not to say there are only that many. In fact, if you count the people who speak it as a secondary language, you’ll probably find it exceeds most at around 100 million.

French speaking countries are located in Europe and Africa. The official language is French in these countries such as Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin and Mauritius. A lot of the people in here can’t speak English so if you want to learn a new languages, it’s best to learn French.. French is a Romance language originally spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, but now it is more commonly heard throughout the world. It derived from the Latin language of the Roman Empire, and its vocabulary has been significantly influenced by other Latin based languages such as English and Italian. There are approximately 274 million native French speakers, making it the 5th most popular language in the world and the third most popular in Europe. French is also an official language of over 20 countries and many more around the world.