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Norway Counties Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Norway: Counties. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

The Norway Counties Quiz Game has 20 levels. First you have to answer a question about the location of one Norwegian county on a map. Then from there it gets more difficult each time. The game ends when you get all counties wrong at a level or answer the question incorrectly. The game consists of three different maps and in total the game has 120 images of locations on different Norwegian maps.. The Norway Counties Quiz Game is a fun and educational app for those who are interested in geography, history and the counties of Norway. Enjoy learning about Norwegian Counties? Which county is the largest, which the smallest? Are you the type of person who likes to know these things? In this Norway counties quiz game you will get all the answers.. Are you curious about Norway’s Counties? Norwegian Counties are a way to describe the different regions of Norway. There are 19 counties in total in Norway, 1 county on the most populated island Hordaland and 18 counties on other islands. You can test your knowledge about these counties using this Quiz game, created by me and my team at

A new and highly entertaining quiz game to test your knowledge on Norway counties. You will have to determine the missing county based on three hints.. Are you a fan of quiz? How about a quiz on Norway Counties and capitals?. Oh, you didn’t think it was possible to learn Norwegian counties in a game format? Well, think again!. Are you into trivia games and want to expand your knowledge of the Norwegian geography? Then this is the game for you. The objective of the game is to guess the county-names that are shown in a map by giving them their postal code.

Do you know the name of all the counties in Norway? Do you know how to pronounce them right? Let’s find out! Take this fun quiz and prove that you are a true Norwegian at heart.. Test your knowledge about Norway’s 19 counties.

Norway Counties Map

Norway Counties Map

This article is about Norway Counties Map. It shows a list of counties and cities in Norway, along with their official administrative capital and the total population of each county.. Here at, we love maps. We bet you do too, since there are over 25 million of them on the internet! So we’ve decided to create a guide to the top free county maps on the web – that’s why we made this Norway Counties Map. Follow our link below to find out how you can get your hands on one too, as well as find out more about where you can use them!. Looking for the Norway counties map? We’ve created a lovely map for you where you can find all the counties in Norway. It’s a great resource for travelers who want to know what Norway looks like, or people who just like to know about the counties of Norway.. Do you want to find your way in a Norway county? Use this map to quickly find the numbers of any county in Norway.

I never thought I’d be able to make a map of Norway’s counties. Because it’s totally tricky, right? Like, where do you start? And, you need to find an online tool that offers the right options. But, I did it!. A simple, colorful and animated map of the counties in Norway. This is a static html/js version of….. Want to know where you are going? Check out this map of Norway’s counties. We’ve put together a great map of Norway’s 19 county divisions including the county cities.. I’ve created this map of Norway to help people find the county they want to know about in Norway. All you have to do is click on a county from the list and it will zoom in and center on the county. You can also zoom out using the + (plus) button in the top left of the map. You can click on a flag to see its name.

Norway is an oil-rich country and an important economic, political, and cultural place in the world. It is a place where people have freedom of speech, women earn as much as men, and where citizens don’t worship any God or live in fear of Allah. To learn more about it, I decided to make a map showing Norway’s 19 counties. Especially if you are trying to buy or rent a better apartment, knowing this can be very useful.. Early in the 1800s, the Governor of Norway determined that no single city could govern the whole country and set out to divide the land into counties. He made 25 different marks on a map of Norway, then sent it out to surrounding cities and villages inviting them to take part in this new project. One by one, communities stepped forward, drew lines on his map, and then sent it back to him marked with their selection of letters.

Geography Game Norway Counties

Geography Game Norway Counties

Geography Game Norway Counties is a geography quiz game where you can learn all about the topography of Norway. The game is made using HTML and CSS only. It has many practice questions and a final test. This means that the game works properly on all modern systems, the browser does not matter, it will work worldwide!. Hi. The geography game Norway counties is a quiz to familiarize you with the list of Norwegian counties and towns. There are 11 regions in Norway and we have a short description about their region underneath. Just check answers with the list of countries below and feel free transfer your knowledge from this geography game to the real geography test.. It’s a geography game that will teach you the location of Norway’s 19 counties.. Geography Norway is the latest geography game developed by GeeGeo. You can find out all you need about each county in the interactive map. Children will love it!

Learn more about the Norwegian counties with this fun geography game!. Do you know the name of each county in Norway? I’ll help you learn them with this fun geography game.. Pick the correct County from Norway. To get the best score you want to make as few mistakes as possible. But note that if you make many mistakes the game can still be really fun to play! Are you a true geography master?. Name the three Norwegian counties beginning with the letter “H”

Fun geography game where you try to guess the location of a country in Europe by it’s flag and coordinates.There are 47 locations in this geography game.. Test your knowledge about the geography and counties in Norway.

Map of Norway Counties

Map of Norway Counties

If you have found yourself searching for a map of Norway counties then you have certainly come to the perfect place. This is a map made by ourselves which contains all of the counties of the country. It will be easier for you to find the one you are looking for now because we have made this map so helpful.. A map of Norway counties… it’s a unique product created by me and only available at Digital Age Marketing. This is not the typical map you see in books and other media. My map of Norway offers more detail about each county. This includes each county’s capital, largest cities, population size, language spoken, and lots more cool information.. This map highlights the fourteen Norwegian counties (fylker) with their municipalities, and the five counties outside mainland Norway with their connecting municipalities.. Here’s a map of Norway with the counties color-coded to show where each county is located.

It is not a secret that Norway is a place to go skiing in the winter and hiking, swimming, fishing in the summer. But did you know it’s also a gorgeous country to visit? If you are thinking about visiting Norway anyway, then adding these counties to your travel plans may be something for you to consider. It is an amazing country after all.. The map shows where the country’s 19 counties, or fylker, are located. (Sorry, Svalbard and Jan Mayen are not included.). Norway’s 27 counties Image © – Map data as of 2015. Three quarters of Norway’s land area consists of mountainous terrain and outdoor life is deeply ingrained in the culture. So it shouldn’t be surprising that virtually every Norwegian has a pair of skis in the attic.

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway is a Scandinavian country that borders to Sweden and Finland. It also gets in touch with Denmark through the Danish island of Greenland (as well as Norwegian Finnmark province) in the east. Norway has picked up several crown possessions around the globe, particularly the Svalbard archipelago consisting of more than a half quantity of its landmass, but also Bouvet Island in Sub Antartic North West, Queen Maud Land in Antarctica, and Jan Mayen.. Norway is a country located in the Northern part of Europe. It’s separated from Denmark by Skagerrak, from Sweden by Öresund, from Finland by Gulf of Bothnia and from Russia by the Barents Sea. Norway has 2 main land boundaries, one with Sweden and another one with Russia.