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The Nordic Countries Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game The Nordic Countries. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Are you interested in the countries of Scandinavia? Or do you find yourself rooting for the Danes, the Norwegians, or the Finns? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re gonna want to give The Nordic Countries Quiz Game a whirl. This game is perfect for those that want to test their knowledge about Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.. Do you love Scandinavia? Then you’ll love this fun & educational geography quiz. You’ve likely played similar games like I-Spy, but The Nordic Countries Quiz Game is a fast paced, fun way to learn about this amazing region.. The Nordic Countries Quiz Game is intended as a fun and simple way to learn more about the countries of the region in general by testing your knowledge on facts and figures. Many people, even those who have never visited the Nordic countries, know some common facts. For example, most people will be able to tell you that Denmark is the home of Hans Christian Andersen or that Iceland has a lot of active volcanoes (which may not be so common knowledge any more though, after the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in 2010).. Are you a giant word and trivia buff? Do you like history and geography? The Nordic Countries Quiz Game is the game for you!

The first quiz game about Nordic countries was made in 2009 by. Do you want to test your knowledge on the Nordic countries? Do you want to learn about this region in a fun way? Download our quiz game and enjoy yourself!. The game is a quiz game which I have developed during my free time, containing questions about the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland). Some of the questions might be too easy while some might be too hard. If your answer is correct, you will move on in to another question.. Welcome to the What’s Your Knowledge of the Nordic Countries Quiz. To play, simply answer the 16 multiple choice questions below by clicking on what you think is the correct answer. You can also click on “show/hide” buttons at any point if you want help from a hint or if you’re not sure.

Are you a fan of Nordic television shows, drama, and films? Are you keen to learn more about The Vikings, or would you like to know which countries are in Scandinavia? Then here’s the perfect opportunity for you!. We’ve collaborated with the team behind beautiful, little-known Scandinavian start-up Ptengine to create an updated version of their original quiz game and packed it full of interesting facts about Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

Nordic The Nordic Countries Map

Nordic The Nordic Countries Map

Nordic The Nordic Countries Map, a simple and minimal poster in which you can visualize all the Nordic countries with minimalist style. A great gift for any traveler and tourism enthusiast. Show all your friends the amazing Nordic countries! This is the perfect decoration for your all your adorable Nordic country-lover friends! The perfect gift idea for people who are planning to visit the Nordic countries or maybe just a reminder of how awesome this area is. The perfect way to start up a nice conversation.. Nordic The Nordic Countries Map Every marketing plan or social media management process should be well-planned out. Countries in the region include Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. These countries are called Nordic. The region is stringently made up of countries that are small in size but rich with culture and tradition. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark are often referenced as scandinavian countries. These four countries differ culturally and politically but they trade actively with one another due to the open borders they have between them.. Map of the Nordic countries is this article I have made on my small site. Map of the Nordic countries show you the top 5 best countries in terms of smallest population to largest.. You have been searching for a nordic countries map, and thanks to Wikipedia you have found a very large map of the five Nordic states – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. This map is not always easy to read when printed but it is still one of the best maps of Scandinavia that you have found on the internet.

The Nordic countries are Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The Nordic countries have a common cultural heritage, a common official language, the same flags and at one point around 1 currency. Today if we look closer and deeper into this cluster of countries we encounter in these countries some variants more important than others on the structure of education and social security systems that do not affect the similarity among them (even considering that each country has its own laws, traditions and social and domestic history). Among these aspects also takes place one of Danish culture that is concerned with fashion and design as well as other concerns such as architecture.. This map shows the countries that make up Nordic region. Click on a country to get valuable travel information about it.. A map by Rune Fjord of the Nordic countries (sometimes called the nordic countries), a region in northern Europe. The map shows Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and territories of Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland Islands.. Help us choose a new map for our wall at the office. We want to create an interactive and engaging map of the Nordic nations. That way, people browsing our website will be able to learn more about each country’s population, GDP, religion, language and other facts. Your vote shall decide which map we use.

This map provides an in-depth look at the geography and cultural diversity of the five Scandinavian countries: Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It includes key facts about each country; a picture of the national flag, coat of arms and capital; economic data detailing income, employment and industry as well as a weather comparison between temperate regions (continental climate) to polar climates.. The countries located in the region of North Europe are called Nordic countries. They include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. And then there are territories with strong cultural ties to the region that are now controlled by other countries: Greenland in Denmark, Svalbard and Jan Mayen in Norway; Aland Islands, Åland & Inari in Finland; Faroe Islands in Denmark and Greenland in the United Kingdom.

Geography Game The Nordic Countries

Geography Game The Nordic Countries

Welcome to the Geography game The Nordic Countries! This is a simple but fun geography game for you to enjoy your free time. In this game, you need to guess the Scandinavian countries as fast as possible and make sure you answer quickly since you don’t have many time left. Each time you get a correct answer, the time earlier decreases. If at any moment the timer reaches 0, it means that you lost. Ready? Let’s begin then!. Welcome back for the latest edition of The Geography Game! Have you been enjoying playing the game? If not, don’t worry! We are here to help. We sincerely hope you are having fun learning more about the countries of The Nordic Countries with this geography game.. Welcome to The Nordic Countries, the last European geography game you will ever need. This game includes five different levels of play. Each level has ten questions about each country in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland).. Geography Game is a game that (re)educates about the Nordic Countries. It is easy to play even for kids who do not know much about their geography. So, anyone can learn more about the countries with the game. Here’s what the teachers said:

The game is about the countries of the Nordic region.. Nordic countries are a unique group of countries with very similar cultures, common history and similar languages. But there is still something very different in each country, borders that separate the people but also create similarities that make the region special.. Which Nordic country is the southernmost? Which country has a long and thin shape? Which country is known as the Land of the Vikings? The game will give you some fun and useful knowledge about the 5 Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It has mind-boggling questions with multiple answers to make you laugh while learning.. So, it’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of the Nordic countries. I’ve been traveling a lot in the region and it is said to have one of the happiest populations in the world.

Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are all countries located in Scandinavia. But only one country claims to be technically located in the Arctic Circle. That country is Iceland and they even have a giant metal lady as a little mascot to prove it.. Have fun learning about the capitals, flags, and trick questions about Nordic countries.

Map of Nordic The Nordic Countries

Map of Nordic The Nordic Countries

Find your favorite places with Map of Nordic The Nordic Countries. See the top rated listings for the Nordic Countries. View miles from another location in the world (USA, France, UK and many more) on a map. View restaurants with complete details like price, opening hours and distance from your location.. Map of Nordic The Nordic Countries. Map of Nordic countries include: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.. Here’s the map of Nordic The Nordic Countries. It’s home to five monarchies, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. And it has one non-independent microstate which is Monaco.. Are you familiar with Nordic countries? Maybe you’re thinking that these countries are too small to get someone’s attention, but it’s not like that. These European countries are interesting and have some crazy athletes. This article is all about map of Nordic.

This map of Nordic is an interactive sight which shows the location as well as facts and information about the countries in the Scandinavian peninsula.. Pull out your Viking longships and gather the closest of your kinsmen because we’re going to take a look at the map of Nordic countries.. The following map shows Northern Europe and how to find the countries of the Nordic region (Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden). The Countries are the blue dots, northern Europe is the green area. Above the red line you’ll find Scandinavia and the Baltic, below it Western Russia.. We’ve all heard of Northern Europe, but what exactly are the countries that make up Northern Europe? Northern Europe is actually made up of four different countries and one autonomous territory. The first three countries are Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. The fourth country is Norway, which isn’t technically considered a Nordic country by many people. These four countries are sometimes referred to as the Nordic Four (or just the Nordic’s and not Denmark). The fifth country that makes-up Northern Europe is Iceland. Iceland is an autonomous territory of Denmark, but it has a different language than the other Nordic countries (most likely due to its Viking heritage). Most people don’t consider Iceland to be one of the Nordic countries because it isn’t located north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, or anywhere near Scandinavia for that matter. Because of this most maps you’ll see will only show the original four (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway)

[Above are links to the Scandinavian country maps.]. The Nordic Countries is a group of countries in Northern Europe. The term Nordic Countries include the four countries Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Finland, Greenland and Faroe Islands sometimes also take part in this group.