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Maldives Atolls and Cities Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Maldives: Atolls and Cities. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

The Maldives Atolls and Cities Quiz Game is the most fun you’ll have while learning! The goal of the game is to select the city or atoll correctly from a list of given options. If you get stuck, there’s a hint for you to find.This simple, yet highly enjoyable game will test your knowledge on the unique geographical features that make up this beautiful ocean paradise.It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an expert on all things Maldives, everyone can enjoy this quiz game.. Test your geography knowledge with this Maldives Atolls and Cities Quiz game.. A trivia game where you get to test how well you know the location of Maldives’ Atolls and capital cities set on a beautiful Maldivian Island. The trivia game is available online, as well as through an iPhone app.. Are you a real Maldives traveller? Take the test! Learn about Maldives with 12 beautiful atolls and cities. Answer all 30 questions correctly and get your badge! The game is designed to be entertaining, educational and fun. Play at work on break time or refresh your knowledge while waiting in airport queues.

Guess the Maldives atolls, cities and capitals. Can you name the atolls of Maldives? Test your geography knowledge and let us know your guesses in the comment’s section.. Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean formed by the above low-lying coral atolls. The word Maldives can be traced to a corruption of the Sanskrit mala-dvīpa, which literally means “garland of islands”. There are numerous other theories on the etymology of the name Maldives. Either way, this quiz will highlight some of these geographical atolls and cities to test your geography knowledge.. A free quiz game to test your geographical knowledge of the Maldives – the Indian Ocean country made up of 26 tropical inhabited atolls.. There is no doubt that the Maldives are incredibly beautiful and captivating. So much so that I guarantee that you will want to live there after finishing this quiz about the capital cities of the atolls.

Test your knowledge of these places in the Maldives – an island nation in the Indian Ocean.. Are you a nature lover? If your answer is yes, you should be looking at the Maldives Islands every day. The pristine beauty of this country in Indian Ocean will definitely make you fall in love with infinity waters, atolls, and lush green mountains. The number of people who visit to take a glimpse of this natural beauty is increasing every year. A large part of the reason behind this is the fast growing airline industry.

Maldives Atolls and Cities Map

Maldives Atolls and Cities Map

Welcome to our Maldives Atolls and Cities Map. We show you all atolls by their name and include some information about each of the atolls. Here you can find an overview map of the Maldives islands, zoom in on one of the atolls and explore each part of it.. This Maldives Atolls and Cities Map shows the location of urban areas and the capital islands of Maldives.. Have you ever wondered where the Maldives is located? Where are the atolls and cities of Maldives located? This Maldives atolls and cities map shows exactly where every single atoll and city of the Maldives is located.. Here is a map of Maldives. The Atolls and Cities of Maldives are marked on this map. Most of the atolls in Maldives can be recognized by the coral reefs that adorn the islands. Here is a complete atoll list for Maldives. These are similar to districts in other countries: Raa, Baa, Thaa, Laamu, Alifu, Kaafu, Seenu, Meemu, Dhaalu, Gaafu, Gnaviyani and Tholhuvaarufanu Atolls.

A map is worth a thousand words, so get your pen and notebook ready for this one! The following is a detailed interactive map of the Maldives atolls and cities.. Based on a zoomable, scrollable and clickable Google Map with a legend. We provide information about the names of the atoll and city names in the Maldives in both Dhivehi and English alphabets. The map provides information like the capital of Maldives, largest island, and elevation of individual islands.. This map is the best guide to Maldives. It shows you the various atolls and cities of Maldives. You can use the zoom in and zoom out feature of this map to sight each of the atolls individually.. Have you ever wondered where the Maldives Atolls are located on a map? If so, then this post is for you. In case you didn’t know, there are more than 119 inhabited islands in the Maldives with only 200 islands in total. That’s a lot of islands to keep track of. But the good news is you won’t ever have to try to do that by yourself.

Ever wondered what the atolls of Maldives look like? Would you like to know how many cities are there in Maldives?. If you are planning to visit Maldives at one point, this map is a great reference point. It is handy not only for the locals but also for tourists who want to explore the place on holiday. Most of the densely populated islands are circled by breathtaking beaches on both sides and have plenty of tourist attractions spread all over. This makes it easy to find your way around the islands and see what appeals to you most.

Geography Game Maldives Atolls and Cities

Geography Game Maldives Atolls and Cities

Test your geography skills with this fun geography game Maldives Atolls and Cities! You will have to use your knowledge of the geographical world and its landmarks to solve a series of interesting puzzles in this interactive kids game.. The land of Maldives is composed of one hundred and twenty coral Atolls and a 1000 Islands, where most Maldivians live. I am a Maldivian who lives on the capital island, Malé. I have been asking some questions about our geography game, maldives atolls and cities.. Welcome to a fun geography game that teaches you all about Atolls and Cities of Maldives. Who will teach first? The students or the teacher. You are going to have an opportunity to be like a knowledgeable teacher and tell your kids or friends about the facts related to atolls and cities that are in Maldives country. This game is intended for 5-12 year old kids. Whoever wins this geography lesson game receives a surprise gift from us.. Geography is a game for beginners interested in the geography of the Maldives. This game was designed for children, but it’s also fun for adults. With this game you can learn the names of atolls and cities and practise pronouncing them correctly. The game includes: -map of the Maldives -names of atolls and cities -information on the capital city and its population

IN EVERY SCHOOL IN MALDIVES, THE STUDENTS PLAY AN EDUCATIONAL GAME CALLED “ATOLLS AND CITIES”. THE GAME IS CREATED TO MAKE IT FUN FOR THE KIDS TO LEARN ABOUT THEIR COUNTRY AND TO INCREASE THEIR GEOGRAPHICAL KNOWLEDGE OF MALDIVES. YOU CAN ALSO HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS GAME WITH YOUR FAMILY. EVERY ATOLL HAS A NAME AND IS LOCATED ON A CERTAIN POSITION ON A MAP.. This interactive game is a great way to learn about geography of Maldives and it’s most famous and beautiful atolls. By visiting any of these islands, you’ll not only see some of the most intriguing natural wonders in the world, but also understand how the atolls were formed.. Play the geography game! Guess and match the most beautiful destinations in the world. Countries, islands, capitals, atolls, and cities… How much do you know about them?. Ever wondered what it feels like to live in a tiny island with corals surrounding and turquoise blue sea twinkling below? Or do you want to know more about the highest mountain in an island, and islands where you can find various animals? Here is your chance to explore such questions through my geography game based on Maldives. The game is meant to be played by teachers and students, as a fun and educational activity.

Maldives is one of the most developed island countries in the world. Full of small and large islands, located in the central Indian Ocean, Maldives is a country that has something to offer to every visitor, both on land and under the sea. Just like many other islands, Maldives too has got its locations called Atolls. You may recall that I mentioned that paradise was a myth; well, some say that Maldives is one of the few places where paradise still exists.. I keep saying geography is important! There’s no time like the present to start practicing it. So, here’s a challenge. Find out how well you know the Maldives islands and atolls. You have 50 questions to play. Good luck!

Map of Maldives Atolls and Cities

Map of Maldives Atolls and Cities

This map of the atolls and cities in Maldives shows the capital Male and the outer islands of Maldives. It shows the 16 administrative atolls that make up the Maldives.. Finding information about the individual atolls and cities in Maldives can be a difficult task. This article provides information about all of the atolls, their islands and the capital city of each atoll. Also included is useful information such as population, the location of each atoll etc.. This is a hand drawn map of the Maldives with details of all the atolls, islands and cities.. Have you ever wondered about how many atolls and islands there are in the Maldives? As a travel blogger, I get this question a lot. No worries, we have your back. Here’s an easy map of every atoll and main island in the Maldives.

This map contains a list of all atolls, islands and islands as well as capital city of Maldives. The maps of islands in Maldives can also be zoomed according to your requirement.. This map displays the atolls and islands of the Maldives archipelago. The largest city in the multi-island country is not the capital, but instead Male. Have you heard of this wondrous island? It is a country made of 1,192 coral islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is becoming a popular tourist destination among people searching for beach getaways such as scuba diving or snorkeling. Other popular activities include surfing and kite boarding, which both count toward a fantasy held by many: to be in control of your own destiny…. The map of the Maldives islands will help you find your way through your vacation or help you avoid jet lag.. The following map is of the Republic of Maldives. It is located in the Indian Ocean approximately 250 miles southwest of Sri Lanka and 500 miles northeast of the southern tip of India.

Although Maldives are a nation of more than 1001 islands only 200 of them are inhabited now. But there is more than one island that you can visit in Maldives, there are 26 natural atolls and 1193 islands in the Maldives.. Are you looking for a map of the Maldives? Let’s face it, the Maldives is a small country. A couple of hundred islands, that’s all. But even though it is small, trying to navigate through all those islands and their corresponding cities by names can be challenging and time-consuming.