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Iraq Governorates Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Iraq: Governorates. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Ever heard of the Iraq Governorates Quiz Game? Well, now it’s your chance to test yourself in this fun and educational game. See if you can tell which Iraqi province each Iraq city is located in. Good luck!. Iraq Governorates quiz game is a fun way to learn Iraq’s governorates. The app covers all Iraq’s governorates: Babil, Baghdad, Basrah, Diyala, Duhok, Erbil, Karbala, Kirkuk, Maysan, Muthanna, Najaf, Ninawa and Salah Al-Din. The best part is the game is completely free!. The Iraq Governorates Quiz Game is a fun and interactive way to test your knowledge of Iraq�s governorates.. Welcome to IraqGoverners – the online quiz where you get to learn about and test your knowledge on all the 14 Governorates of Iraq (المحافظات العراقية). This is a fun and educational way for you to learn about your home country, which I assume that you love. At least one of my friends told me that the greatest feeling in the world is the sense of pride a person has for their home country. These Governorates are your home — and you’re going to learn more about each one today.

Would you like to know the governorates of Iraq? What about those pesky capitals? Look no further! This simple Iraqi quiz game will enable you to learn quite a bit about Iraq’s provinces.. Get to know the geography of Iraq through this addictive and fun governorate quiz game:. Can You Name Iraq’s Governorates?. Test your knowledge! This is a governorates recognition game. Practice identifying all 18 regions and their capitals of Iraq. How well will you do?

Test your knowledge on Iraqi governorates.. I was recently in Iraq, and the people there are amazing. So I thought, “Why not educate people about the various regions that comprise this amazing country?”

Iraq Governorates Map

Iraq Governorates Map

When I first started blogging about Iraqi governorates map , I never thought so many people would be interested in seeing a simple Iraqi governorates map . Literally, my blog received over one thousand hits from people looking for an interactive political map of Iraq since 2003. I know the reasons that compelled you to find a map of Iraq governorates and this is exactly what I will be presenting to you-a new working Iraqi governorates interactive map.. Here’s a Iraq Governorates Map which shows you the country’s 18 governorates.. Looking for a map of Iraq with its 14 governorates? Well, you’ve found it! We’re not exactly sure why someone would want to view an image of the Iraq governorates map — but good thing you found this one!. Ok, here we go! Let’s get started. Here is the Iraq governorates map with cities, rivers, and railways:

Hello, and welcome to the Iraq Map page! Here, you’ll find an interactive map of the Iraq governorates, as well as other useful resources that are connected to it.. Here is a link to a map of Iraq Governorates, for your reference.. This Iraq provinces map is free to download and free of copyright. You are free to use it for both personal and educational purposes.. Iraq is a country in Western Asia bordered on the northeast by Turkey, on the east by Iran and Kuwait, on the south by Saudi Arabia, and on the west by Jordan and Syria. It’s capital city is Baghdad. Iraq is neighbored by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the south and Jordan to the west. Iraq consists of 18 governorates: Al Anbar Governorate, Al Basrah Governorate, Al Muthanna Governorate, Al Qadisia Governorate, Arbil Governorate, As Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Babil Governorate, Dahuk Governorate, Erbil Governorate, Karbala Governorate, Kerkuk Governorate, Ninewah Governorate Saladin Governorate, Sammarrai Governorate, Babil District (Diyala), Baghdad District (Baghdad), Kirkuk District (Kirkuk), Makhmour District (Ninewah), Najaf District (Nasiriyah),Qadissiya District (Babil)

The infographics shows which areas are under the control of Iraqi governorates.. The shape of the country of Iraq is herewith officially on display. The information includes a great many valuable geographical points, measurements and statistics you should know about Iraq, which is said to be the land of wonders, or “Mir” in Arabic.

Geography Game Iraq Governorates

Geography Game Iraq Governorates

Geography Game explores the geography of Iraq and its governorates.. Play the Geography Game on Iraq Governorates. Learn and test yourself.. We have created a free online geography game where you can learn more about Iraq governorates. Try to guess the name of an Iraqi Governorate by answering questions about it. Once you select a correct answer, the governorate will reveal itself and you can continue playing. Warning: This website is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a factual reference.. In this geography game you get to guess the names of the Iraq Governorates and their flags. This is part of a series of tests on world countries. Can you guess them all?

Play one of many geography games available on the site. This game is on the topic of Iraq state governorates.. Do you want your kids to learn about Iraq? This geography game can help them learn about Iraq’s governorates. It’s simple, fun, and best of all it’s free.. It is an interesting fact, Did you know Iraq has 18 governorates? So today we’re going to be learning about the geography of Iraq and playing a game to test your knowledge.. Hey folks! Did you know that the name of southern Iraq’s capital is actually spelled “Baghdad” and not “Baghdaddy”? Have you ever wondered whether the governorates in Iraq (there are 18 of them) are true governorates or provinces? How about the GDP of each one? Check out this exciting post to find out more!

If you like to learn geography with cool interactive games, you should play this one!. Did you like this game? If yes, you may want to try some of my other games here: 100+ Web 2.0 Sites and the US States Game .

Map of Iraq Governorates

Map of Iraq Governorates

Are you looking for a map of Iraq Governorates? Look no more! This is the easiest way to see all the governorates in Iraq. On this page you will find a high quality map which is easy and enjoyable to wait. But it does not end there, this page will also give you helpful tips on how to get around, and what to do when in Iraq.. Map of Iraq Governorates showing the administrative divisions of Iraq.. Map of Iraq Governorats is a map of the governorates of Iraq. The data on this page comes from Wikipedia.. The below is a map of Iraq governorates.

You can use this map of Iraq governorates to find the capital of a particular governorate within Iraq.. Learn more about Iraq’s new governorates and see a map of the new Iraqi governorate subdivisions.. These are two maps of the governorates of Iraq.. Did you know that there are 18 governorates (provinces) in Iraq? Yes, 18.

Iraq is divided into a total of 19 governorates: Baghdad, Dhi Qar, Al Anbar, Al Basrah, Arbil, Karbala, Dahuk, Al Muthanna, As Sulymania, Babil, Salah ad Din, Kirkuk, Wasit , Najaf Ashrafia, Ninawa , An Najaf, Maysan and Basra Governorates.. The governorates of Iraq are the country’s first-level administrative divisions. Iraq is divided into 18 governorates, each governed by a governor. Governorates are either fully or partially within the autonomous regions of Iraqi Kurdistan and Arab