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Iran Provinces Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Iran: Provinces. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Would you like to test your knowledge about Iranian provinces? Welcome to Iran Provinces Quiz Game (or Iran Provinces QG for short)! Iran Provinces QG is an online quiz game that allows you to test your knowledge about Iranian provinces and cities. This game is especially useful for foreign tourists and businessmen who are coming to Iran for the first time. I hope this game will be helping tourist and will give them more information about provinces in Iran. You also can share your score with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Source 1: The World Factbook List of capitols according to Wikipedia. Almost everyone around the globe knows this world. Iran is one of the renowned countries of the globe where there are amazing sources for entertainment. If you want to know more about province and cities in Iran, you can take this quiz game. We hope you have fun by playing this Iran Provinces Quiz Game.. This game will challenge you knowledge about Iran Provinces.. Would you like to test your geographical knowledge? ? Then this Iranian provinces quiz game is for you. This quiz is based on the provinces of Iran: find as many correct answers! !

Fun facts about provinces of Iran in a quiz game.. Today we will be learning about the Provinces of Iran! This is a popular quiz game that can be used for learning more about other provinces as well.. Can you name all of the Iran provinces? by Reza Lotfi. Ever played the game “Fiji” on the Oregon Trail computer game? Well, this is a lot like that. It helps you learn about Iran’s 31 Provinces and 5 Regions, built specifically for people like you who have little experience with this part of the world.

Are you up for a challenge? This geography quiz is based on the provinces of Iran. There are 5 levels of difficulty, starting with the easier ones and ascending towards the harder ones. How long does it take you to finish each level? Do let us know what your record is, we would be glad to hear from you!. Remembering all the Persian Provinces can be hard. You might think you know them, but a quiz is the only sure way to know for sure.

Iran Provinces Map

Iran Provinces Map

Iran Provinces Map! Learn about provinces in Iran. Listen to the audio pronunciation of each one of them and hear them pronounced by our users.. The map of Iran Provinces is an interactive forkized map of Iran provinces. You can zoom in and out by using the + and – buttons or via your mouse or touchscreen. You can drag the map with your mouse or simply use your touchpad to rotate it and view satellite images of Iran Provinces.. Map of IRAN Provinces. If you are planning a trip to Iran, or even if you just want to know the Provinces better, you’ll enjoy this map.

Here you can find a detailed map of provinces in Iran. You can use the Map to view a particular province and its capital city, or you can search for the major cities in a particular province. You can also find the Latitude, Longitude and Elevation for any given province or city.. Did you know that Iran is divided into 32 provinces? Let’s take a look at the maps of each province.. Iran is an Islamic republic in southwestern Asia. The capital of Iran is Tehran and its area is 1,648,195 square kilometers. Iran has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture, as well as natural attractions like the Caspian Sea, forests, snowy peaks and many more. The country contains numerous cities that are worth visiting. There is a wide range of tourist sites in Iran ranging from historical, cultural, nature to adventurous tourism sites. Let us take a look at the maps of Iran’s 31 provinces.. Traveling to Iran? This map shows the location of each province of Iran. It is a must-have if you are planning trips in Iran. Explore the cities and provinces of this beautiful country.

You’ve heard of the worlds largest and smallest countries. How about the world’s largest and smallest provinces? In this map collections you’ll find 6 unique articles showcasing the most prominent countries with the largest and smallest provinces in terms of area, population, and density.. Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, and abbreviated as Iran, is a country in Western Asia. It is bordered by Iraq to the west, Turkey to the northwest, Armenia and Azerbaijan’s exclave of Nakhchivan to the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and Oman to the south.

Geography Game Iran Provinces

Geography Game Iran Provinces

Welcome to Iran Provinces , the best geography game for learning about the provinces of Iran. Whether you’re planning a vacation, or stuck in a classroom, we welcome you to play this geography game.. Play Geography Game for Kids – Iran Provinces and learn about countries of the world in a fun way!. Get ready to play the challenging game of geography with the Provinces of Iran. Do you know the difference between Iran Provinces? Take this commonly used game in Iran to test your knowledge about Iran provinces.

The geography game for kids about Iran provinces.The ultimate 1000 question geography quiz for all kids who want to learn more about Iran.. Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to memorize the names of the provinces in Iran? Or what’s the Capital of Iran? Now you can learn them with this fun geography game.. A test on the geography and inter-relation of Iran’s provinces.. This geography game has 50 questions and can be played solo or with a team (best with 4). The map of Iran is divided into 18 provinces. Learn these provinces.

An engaging game for learning provinces & major cities of Iran.. Iran is a country in Western Asia. It is bordered by Iraq on the west, Turkey and Armenia to the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman to the south. Iran is a unitary semi-presidential Islamic republic with the government controlling the power. The major ethnic groups are Persians (61%), Azeris (16%), Kurds (10%) and Lurs (6%). Other minorities include Afghans, Arabs, Baloch, Mazandaranis, Turkmens and Turkic tribal groups such as the Qashqai. The majority of Iranians belong to a branch of Islam which is officially represented by Twelver Shi’a Islam as well as its non-religious branches Coke-e-Kurd and Nosrat Balkhi in western provinces .

Map of Iran Provinces

Map of Iran Provinces

I have created a map of Iran’s thirty-one provinces (farāmarz). I have included the capital of each province, petroleum refinery and administrative center. The link to the map: [map_of_iran_provinces]( A map of Iran Provinces to makes you find provinces more easily.. You are interested in finding where is Mashhad Province or Kordestan Province? Some other province in Iran? Here it is, you’ve found a map with maps of Iran provinces.. How good is your geography? Test yourself with this map of Iran Provinces.

Here is a map of Iran provinces to help you find the one you want.. Here is a map of all the Provinces in iran. click on any province and see its name, flag and capital.. This is a map of provinces in Iran.. Iran is a country in Western Asia. It has 80 provinces and, like Turkey and Russia, is comprised of provinces called Wilayah. This means that Iran uses a Provinces Map layout. There are 32 such Provinces in Iran including the Capital of Tehran.

Ever wondered why there is so much confusion about the provinces in Iran? The reason is that its 29 provinces share similar names. It doesn’t help that they are also often confused with each other. I decided to create a visual resource to make it easier for travellers, because we all know how confusing maps of Iran can be!. Traveling to Iran and looking for an organized and detailed map ? Here is your map. No matter where in Iran you are, you can have a look at any province from this map.