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Honduras Departments Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Honduras: Departments. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Do you know what department your city belongs to? Test your knowledge by taking this fun Honduras Departments Quiz game in Spanish!. This is a trivia/quiz game about the 32 departments of Honduras. It also happens to be my first ever project in html5 that I created in Construct 2. The purpose of this game is to educate people about the different departments in Honduras.. Looking for a fun way to learn about the departments of Honduras? You’ve come to the right place! Answer questions to gain points as you test your knowledge on this online quiz game. You can move to a different department after every question you answer, or stay put and keep answering more questions. It’s up to you!. Do you want to know more about Honduras? How many departments are in Honduras? Do you know their names and capital cities? The best way to learn is playing a interesting game. Find the answer and see if you’re right.

Hello! This is an interactive quiz with 100 questions to test how well you know the departments of Honduras. If you are a normal human being they should be easy as pie.. Learn the departments of Honduras through a series of fun, interactive questions.. Are you a fan of geography? Do you know about all the departments (states) in Honduras? Today, I will check your knowledge by asking you some questions about Honduras.. Are you ready to test your knowledge on Honduras? All of the 10 departments are included in the game and with each correct answer, players earn experience points. The more points…the more bragging rights! Check it out.

Do you know the capital of Honduras? Or do you know about the borders of Honduras? Or do you even think about the state or department of Honduras? You probably don’t and that’s where I come in. I have created a game that you can test your knowledge on these questions, and maybe even ask them questions on things you don’t know as well.. Test your geography knowledge of Honduras with this fun, addicting and visual game. The aim is to get as high a score as you can. There are 2 modes, you can either challenge yourself or compete against a friend by comparing scores in-game.

Honduras Departments Map

Honduras Departments Map

The Honduras departments map allows you to explore and find the cities in each of the 18 departments of Honduras.. This is a visual map of all Honduras departments, created and published by the Honduran portal.. Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries for business and for travelers. So it is important to know about every corner in it. This map shows the Departments (States) of Honduras. This means that you will see all the different regions, bordering countries and even a map of the big cities available inside each department.. Honduras has 18 departments and 1 territory. Below is a map of the departments in Honduras and a link to a map.

Want to get an easy widget that shows all departments of Honduras on your website?. Here is a map of Honduras, broken down into its 18 departments or administrative areas.. Honduras Departments and Cities.. Learn more about Honduran departments with this interactive map and simple text below.

When I was in Honduras, I was surprised to see that their department divisions differed from their states. I searched for a map that explained this, and couldn’t find one. So, I created my own.. Honduras is a country in Central America’s northern hemisphere. It’s east of Nicaragua and west of El Salvador, and in between Guatemala & Belize. Honduras has a population of 8,313,323 (2012 est). Honduras’s capital city is Tegucigalpa. Honduras has 19 departments which are listed on the map below. Honduras has two major cities: Tegucigalpa & San Pedro Sula.

Geography Game Honduras Departments

Geography Game Honduras Departments

In Geography Game you must guess the name of the Department, Capital and National Flower of Honduras.. Hi there, do you like geography games? If so, check out this interesting game we created that teaches players about the departments of Honduras. We hope you enjoy it and have fun!. This is a map quiz about the Honduras Departments. Here’s a map of Honduras:. Guatemala is a country of as many contrasts as there are regions. The variety in geography, climate and cultures makes it a land of many faces where some communities have remained unchanged for generations. Discover through this geography game the 10 departments of Guatemala and know about their capitals, flags, flowers and trees!

How well do you know your departments in Honduras? Test your knowledge on this little geography game and see if you can name them all!. Honduras consists of 18 departments. Each department is represented by a letter of the alphabet: Atlántida, Colón, Comayagua, Copán, Cortés, El Paraíso, Francisco Morazán, Gracias a Dios, Intibucá, Islas de la Bahía de Honduras, Juticalpa, La Paz, Lempira (plus Gracias á Dios), Ocotepeque, Olancho and Santa Bárbara.. Sure, geography class is boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Test your knowledge of Honduras with this simple geography game.. Give your child a fun way to learn about geography and playing online games in a safe environment.

Honduras is one of the most identifiable countries in Central America, not only because of its location, but also because of its status: Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America.. Honduras is a country in Central America whose southernmost region borders with Guatemala and El Salvador to the north, and with Nicaragua to the North-East. Honduras traces its history back to pre-Columbian times when the Maya occupied the region. Its name originates from the designation of the Olancho Valley, meaning “depths”in reference to Troy (Ilusibona) of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Kriol is an English Creole based on English and West African languages; it’s spoken by around half population.

Map of Honduras Departments

Map of Honduras Departments

This Map of Honduras Departments will allow you to view each of the 18 departments and see their capital city, department code, and their respective counties. Each department has their own set of rules and regulations concerning how it is run. They are in charge of providing security services, maintaining the rule of law, development, tourism and infrastructure.. Map of Honduras departments with the capital and other cities, main roads and towns.. As promised, I bring you the map of Honduras departments. This is one of those infographics where I couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent on it. I’ve been very busy recently and my mind and body craves for a rest, but I will finish the last 5 graphics before the month ends. You can see from this image that there are 18 departments in Honduras.. We just added a map of Honduras Departments to our Honduras Facts page. We think you’ll like it.

When we started this website we wanted to make maps for each Honduras department. There are 18 departments, and the task seems overwhelming. But I like challenges and don’t want to give up so easily, so I started from the western side of the country and moved eastward one department at a time. This website is now only a fraction of what it will eventually be. We decided that before making big changes we needed to have some basic information regarding people’s ideas on how the departments should be divided. With a little help from Google Sheet, The United States Census Bureau, Wikipedia and your comments, we got a great understanding of Honduran demographics.. This map of the 18 departments in Honduras will help you get the lay of the land.. From the North Caribbean Coast, to the jungles of La Mosquitia; from the Bay Islands to the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras has something for everyone. This map provides a visual overview of all 18 departments and top highlight locations.. Honduras is divided into 18 departments (Spanish: departamentos), which are further subdivided into 322 municipalities (municipios), the smallest administrative subdivision in the country. The departments and their capitals are listed below.

A visual guide and map for each department in Honduras with capital, cities, and highlighted geographical features.. This Honduras map will allow you to navigate and find the location of any department in the country. You can zoom in to see more details.