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Ghana Regions Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Ghana: Regions. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Get an xbaxa4te at your geographical knowledge of Ghana’s Regions with Ghana Regions Quiz Game.. Ghana Regions Quiz Game is a new free game on the Play Store. In this game, you guess the regions of Ghana based on clues and photos. This game is fun and challenging. Download it today and take our Ghana Regions Quiz Game!. Ghana Regions Quiz Game is a game to test your knowledge on the location of the regions, capitals and major cities in Ghana.. Do you know your Region from your Municipality? Test yourself with this Ghana Regions Quiz Game.

Hello and welcome to TheGhanaRegion Quiz Game. This game was designed to help you understand the Ghanaian regions better and test your knowledge on the same. With over 24 regions, it is sometimes difficult to remember which region is which. Are you a Ghanaian or somebody wanting to get a quick understanding about Ghana? Then this is the game for you! A fun way to learn!. Test your knowledge in the Ghana Regions Quiz Game. Just click Start Quiz and type in an answer. Be warned, this quiz can get tough!. Are you a fan of educational games? Or do you know someone who is? Do you want to test your knowledge about Ghana’s Regions? If so, you’re in luck! Play our brand new quiz game and receive a certificate of merit when you finish.. You might be familiar with the traditional maps that show national boundaries within countries. The Ghana Regions map game goes beyond the traditional maps to give you a different perspective.

Do you know all the regions of Ghana well? Now you can! Take the quiz to test your knowledge.. Ghana is a country that is located in West Africa. It is the second largest economy in West Africa, behind Nigeria. Ghana produces a variety of natural resources including gold, cocoa beans, and bauxite ore. It has a vibrant manufacturing industry and its financial services industry are well-developed. Many of Ghana’s natural resources lie within its regions. These regions include Greater Accra, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Northern Region and Upper East Region. They are each named after their capital city.

Ghana Regions Map

Ghana Regions Map

This Ghana Regions Map has been created based on the 15 regions of Ghana, which is located in the Western Part of Africa. This interactive Ghana map is unique and very detailed. You’ll be able to view each region according to their location, size, and physical features. The 15 regional states included in this Ghana map are Brong-Ahafo, Central, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta Region and other lesser populated regions.. Ghana regions map shows the various regions of Ghana. The Regions are what make up Ghana but these regions are not based on natural boundaries. Often people have a hard time remembering the names of areas in the Western, Ashanti, Eastern and Northern parts of Ghana.. If you have been searching for the Ghana region map, you have landed in the right place. Find the world map of Ghana showing the administrative regions and capitals.. Can you name all the Ghana regions? Take a look at our nice map and try your best!

Below is a map of Ghana showing the 11 geographic Regions of Ghana. There are ten administrative regions in addition to the Greater Accra region.. Ghana is divided into ten administrative regions and these are namely Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta and Western.. Ghana is divided into ten geographic regions, a district and a capital city. The Regions are administered by seven Regional Executive Secretaries. Every region has a Regional Minister.. Where is Ghana located on the world map? Where is Ghana located in Africa? We have gathered information on all the regions of Ghana to create an interactive and zoomable map to help you learn about these regions.

Ghana is a special country, and has wonderful people living in it. Despite being known primarily for Ghanaian girls (and other reasons, including The Girl I Loved , which is based on the tragic story of a Ghanaian girl who was murdered by her lover), Ghana also has some beautiful natural features .. Ghana is a west African country with a population of about 25.6 million, an economy heavily reliant on agriculture, mining and other natural resources. The country was named the Republic of Ghana right after it gained its independence on March 6, 1957. Apart from the capital Accra, Ghana is also divided into ten administrative regions.

Geography Game Ghana Regions

Geography Game Ghana Regions

The Geography Game Ghana Regions is a educational game in which you need to match the country’s regions with their names.. We’ve made a geography game for the regions in Ghana. We’re also doing it for Burkina Faso and Rwanda. If we get enough people clicking on it, we’ll do a couple of other West African countries. These are really important countries to study because there has been so much political unrest and war in the area.. In this georgraphy game, you can learn the names of all 10 regions in Ghana. You can do this either by reading the name of a region or looking at the picture of a given region. By clicking on one of the regions, you get to see what it looks like and hear its name pronounced. The quicker you can correctly identify the Ghana region, the more points you will earn!. Coloring game for kids on the geography of Ghana and regions. Test your coloring skills with our quiz.

Are you really interested in geography? Do you love learning about different cultures, places, and streets? If so, this game is the perfect game for you. It’s free. Play through all of the Ghana regions that contain more than one region.. Ghana Regions is a fun Trivia Game in which you will learn the names of the 10 Regions in Ghana and also win prizes such as Amazon Gift cards and more if you can answer all 10 questions in the game.. Everyone loved learning about the U.S. states in geography class, but learning about Ghanaian regions takes it to another level. It can be difficult to memorize the country’s 11 regions if they don’t seem relevant enough. That’s why this simple game is a great way to get kids excited about learning and make it FUN. You can even play as a family or with a group of friends after dinner or on a rainy day. Have fun!. It’s time for another geography game. I’ve chosen the country of Ghana for this game which shouldn’t be a problem if you know your countries by heart.

Take the quiz! Play Geography Game categories, you have a choice of countries, locations and more. Let’s see how well you know this game of geography. Ready to play the game? Great! The map above shows Ghana’s seven regions, each with a special flag.

Map of Ghana Regions

Map of Ghana Regions

Looking for a map of Ghana regions? Here it is! It shows the Agona East District, Asante Akim Central, and Ashanti Akim North all clearly marked for easy navigation.. Map of Ghana Regions | Ghana is a country in Western Africa. Ghana lies at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and encompasses plains, rain forests, and savannahs across its territory. Although Ghana has some topographical variations as a result of its diverse landscape, it also possesses considerable cultural diversity due to its location as well as the influence of neighboring countries.. Ghana Regions Map is a simplified and friendly map of the Republic of Ghana showing the 10 Regions. Quick and easy to reference, perfect for students, travelers or business people.. The following is a list of regions in Ghana, by region number. Regions numbered 1 to 9 are old regions. Regions numbered 10 and above are districts of Ghana.

I have designed this infographic to show you the regions in Ghana and what cities are located in them. I hope you enjoy it! I spent time researching and have included many details about the regions along with cities.. There are 10 regions in Ghana as of January 2014. The capital, Accra, is located in the central region of Ghana. The regions are: Western Region Ashanti Region Brong-Ahafo Region Central Region Eastern Region Greater Accra Region Volta Region Upper East Region Upper West Region Northern Region. An easy-to-use map of the regions of Ghana follows:. The map below shows all regions, emirates and districts in Ghana. Press “+” to zoom-in and “-” to zoom-out. You can move the map by clicking on the red button on the left-side of the map.

People from around the world are increasingly traveling to Ghana for business or pleasure and some have even made the country their home. Here, we discuss the different regions in Ghana and will cover some of their cultural and historical significance.. Explore the different regions of Ghana, Africa. These maps shows the main regions of Ghana, their capitals, and location on a map of Africa.