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France (metropolitan) Regions Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game France (metropolitan): Regions. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

I’m very happy to announce a new game that I made: a geography quiz game on France (metropolitan) regions, based on a data from the French INSEE.. Are you ready for the ultimate test of your geographical knowledge? Is your brain like Google Maps, always ready to point out every little town and village? Or are you lost … really lost, just trying to get to quaint little Rouen? Whatever – is the case; you are certainly in the right place. Answer questions about France (metropolitan) Regions and demonstrate that you have a good geographical and cultural knowledge of this beautiful country.. Do you know where your region stands in the rest of France (metropolitan only)? Do you know that your region is the second richest and has the biggest surface area out of all regions? Prove it by taking this quiz.. All About France Regions: Test your knowledge

This is a quiz game to test your knowledge of geographic area of France. The French mainland (​) called Metropolitan France is located in Western Europe and its land area is 643,801 square kilometers (247,573 square miles). Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean.. Fun fact : France has one of the most diverse climates in the world and it is spread over 6 continents with its flag being flown in 33 different countries. The reason for this diversity is that it comprises of multiple regions. And, not just any region – It has 22 territories that can be called a region. Each territory has a culture of its own and is known for something special. But, how well do you know them? This quiz game is about testing your knowledge about 22 different regions of France and how well you know them.. Try your skill at this geography quiz for French regions, the first in a list of five quizzes.. Do you want to know a little bit more about France? Take our trivia quiz game. It is packed with fun and interesting questions. And the best part is- it’s FREE! How cool is that?

Are you a fan of France? Would you like to learn more about the country and its geography? With this quiz game, you have three levels to choose from – easy, medium, and hard. In each level, you’ll have ten questions with four answers to choose from. All you have to do is select the correct answer as fast as possible in order to score more points and improve your high scores.. France is a country whose metropolitan territory includes several European islands, French Guiana in South America, several protecting Antarctic lands and territories in the Southern Hemisphere and several island territories in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. As of January 1st 2016, its population totaled more than 67 million inhabitants. It is a part of the European Union, and its official language is French.

France (metropolitan) Regions Map

France (metropolitan) Regions Map

This France (metropolitan) Regions Map including Paris and its region, and the other regions of France will give you accurate insights towards the geography of the country. You can get to learn about the bordering countries of France as well with this map.. A detailed map of France (metropolitan) with the regions of the country labeled inside. Make sure to display in full-screen mode.. Here’s a map of the 21 administrative regions in metropolitan France. The following regions are those comprising the French Republic:. I’ve decided to start by talking about visual content … so, I decided to write about what I feel comfortable with: the regional map of a country. This map is representative of France’s territorial organization and makeup.

It’s a map that shows the french regions. As you can see, it’s very detailed and you may want to look at each area carefully.. France…Just France. Our France map app is one to rule them all. A lot of French region maps require a subscription only to be downloaded. Here the app is free, without login or registration, and easy to install on your device.. In order to get the best experience of France and France’s regions, one must have a glimpse of its geography.. In France the regions are the first level of administrative division. Three departments in Alsace-Lorraine have a special status and are thus not part of any region. The country was divided into 83 départements until March 4th, 2015, when three additional ones were created. From then on, France has 36 administrative regions (including one territorial collectivity), 126 metropolitan regions and 2 overseas regions.

You’ve probably heard of the Provence, but do you know what the capital of Auvergne is? I didn’t either…unless you follow this carefully constructed map.. The map, which was developed by the INSEE (the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) shows that Paris is not bigger than France. Despite being often defined as the capital of France, Paris actually has a land area of 2,054km², which is much smaller than the rest of France.

Geography Game France (metropolitan) Regions

Geography Game France (metropolitan) Regions

As part of my Geography & History lessons, we play a Geography Game. This game is based on the French metropolitan regions. I have created a Google Slides game which will help your students learn these regions.. Here is a fun geography game to learn the regions of the cities in Metropolitan France.. Do you know your regions of France? Take our geography game to test your knowledge. Each time you click, a different region of France will be highlighted. The goal is to highlight as many French regions as possible during 2 minutes. Click as fast as you can!. Are you familiar with France? There are five metropolitan regions: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Hauts-de-France, Nouvelle Aquitaine, and Occitanie.

Are you a geography lover? Do you want to play a game which will let you know about the geographical facts of France? Or maybe you want to increase your knowledge on France? Either way, there is a fun game for you. Try it and see how well you do.. Have you ever played the geography game? You know, one of those games where you try to guess what country a random capital city is in. The goal is to name as many cities as you can but with a twist – they are all in France.. Do you want to learn geography? This game will help you improve your geographical knowledge about France.. Do you know every single Region of France? Can you name every single District, Arrondissement, Department, Canton … and then locate them on a map?

I have prepared a little game to practice this geography of France (10 questions). When you finish, you can print the page or send it by email or share on social network. Have fun !. Click on the region to find its flag, number, territory and capital.

Map of France (metropolitan) Regions

Map of France (metropolitan) Regions

Map of France (metropolitan) Regions Map. Here’s a map of France (metropolitan) regions.. Below is an interactive map of France (metropolitan) Regions. Simply click on a region to find more information. You can zoom in/out, and switch between map, satellite, terrain and road map views.. No map is as detailed, or interactive, or as up-to – date as this amazing Map of France! This Map of France (in metropolitan regions) will blow you away by the amount of information you can learn about France! The Map of France will assist a lay person, foreign student, or foreigner visiting France.

To the left is a map of the France metropolitan regions. All but one of these (French Guiana) are also a region in their own right. French Guiana is an overseas territory of France and is more akin to its overseas dependencies in other countries (such as Balearic Islands and Martinique). Due to this, it is not a region of France.. Here is a map of France showing all the regions.. One of the most important tasks while planning a trip to a foreign country, is selecting the region where you would like to spend your vacation. These maps of France regions provide you with all the info to help you make your decision.. France is one of the most famous and popular destinations in the world. The country is known for its unique culture, rich history, excellent food and a fantastic entertainment industry. France has attracted millions of tourists year after year with its beauty of landscapes from south to north, from east to west. Paris has always been one of the most loved destinations because it is a city where people never get bored, but still there are many more cities that are worth visiting for either a short or long trip.