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Eastern Africa Capitals Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Eastern Africa: Capitals. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

There was a well known English politician once who described Africa as the “darkest continent”. It’s also famous for having a vast amount of countries and capitals. Do you know them all? We’ve taken the challenge to build a fun Eastern Africa Quiz Game to put your knowledge to the test. Test your knowledge about African Capitals – can you guess them all?. Are you an expert in Africa geography? Are your friends? Play the Eastern Africa capitals quiz game created by Capital IQ and see who can guess 10 of the 15 Eastern Africa capitals in the fastest time.. Are you a geography whiz? Take this interactive Eastern Africa capitals game to find out! The cities in Eastern Africa vary from the small, like Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to the large, like Johannesburg, South Africa. Either way, the capitals are sure to test even the brightest minds.. Do you think you know these capitals of the Eastern Africa countries? Play this game to check if you are correct!! You’ll need to complete the test in 20 minutes. Good luck!

Get to know the capitals of East Africa. What’s the capital of Mozambique? Nairobi, Tanzania? Djibouti? Try our quiz game and find out.. Do you know the capitals of Eastern Africa? This is a quiz where you will have to name the capital city of Eastern African countries. You can see an example in the image below, but it really doesn’t show much…. Learn the world’s eastern Africa capitals using the interactive map and what you know.. Here’s a fun game that will test your knowledge of the capitals of countries in Eastern Africa.

Eastern Africa Quiz is a quiz game with plenty of questions to test your knowledge about 10 countries of Eastern Africa.. Test your knowledge on the Capitals of Eastern Africa.

Eastern Africa Capitals Map

Eastern Africa Capitals Map

Are you looking for a map of Eastern Africa? This Eastern Africa Capital Map is easy to read, print and use.. Want to know where the capital cities of Eastern Africa are? This is a map which lists the capitals in Eastern Africa.. Are you looking for the location of the capital of Cameroon? This Map break down the Capitals of countries in Eastern Africa.. Did you know that many people dream of travelling round the world, but do not know where to start? They are generally aware of maybe a few cities in the countries that they live in. There is no doubt that travellers can get caught up in the idea that they need to travel far and wide before they can call themselves experienced travellers. This is not true. There are many countries (especially within Eastern Africa) which have capitals that are located relatively close together, with countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo having its capital Kinshasa located only 25km from Brazzaville within neighbouring Republic of Congo. Below is a map which features all of the capital cities within this specific region.

The great thing about all capitals of Africa Map is that it is available in two versions: a desktop version, ideal for printing or planning your trip and an interactive online map.. Today, I decided to put together an easy to edit map of Eastern Africa.. Did you know there are 51 countries in Eastern Africa that are a part of the African continent? Do you want to listen to a little known fact? They speak over 1,000 native languages.. Have you ever wondered which African countries are in Eastern Africa? You’re not alone. Most people would struggle to answer that question. I know I had a hard time answering it! This is because for most of us, we grow up learning about Western Africa as opposed to Eastern Africa. But what exactly is Eastern Africa? Is it the same as the Middle East? Are Egypt, Israel and Yemen considered part of Eastern Africa? The short answer is: no.

Do you want to know where the African capital cities are? It’s a difficult question. Which is why I came up with my own map that shows Africa’s capital cities in one image. I searched the web for a similar map but could not find one so I decided to create it myself!. At the right side of the map you can find an alphabetical list (all caps, no special characters) of all the countries and territories.

Geography Game Eastern Africa Capitals

Geography Game Eastern Africa Capitals

Geography Game Eastern Africa Capitals is a fun geography game to practice your skills in identifying the capital cities of Africa.You have to identify and click on all the geographical locations on the map which are marked with a red star in as less time possible.. Have fun and learn cool new geography facts about Africa with the Geography Game Eastern Africa Capitals. You are given a city and country, can you name both of them? This game works great for kids, schools and homework assignments and as a quick fun trivia game or pop quiz!. You are Kenya.Your capital is Nairobi.Your current population is approximately 41.6 million. Who are you trying to impress? Write down East Africa’s capitals in order and send your answer to ‘’ with the subject: ‘Eastern Africa Capitals’. This geography game includes Eastern Africa capitals. Test your knowledge of the countries in the region by choosing a capital or city and matching it with the correct country. The quiz can be played alone or against a friend or family member.

Looking for a fun geography game to play with kids? This Eastern Africa capitals game is perfect! It’s a printable geography game that teaches kids the capital cities of 14 African countries. The teams compete by seeing who can name the most capital cities.. Find the capitals of Eastern Africa in this fun geography game.. Do you want to test your knowledge of Eastern Africa capitals? If yes, then this is the game for you. Simply drag and drop each capital city onto its corresponding country.. Do you like geography? What about games that make you think? If the answer is yes, then this game is for you! In Eastern Africa you will visit the capital cities of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. You will need to name the capitals correctly in order to pass the game.

Geography is the study of Earth’s physical features and human settlements. Eastern Africa consists of seven countries: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan. There are 22 countries in Africa. Which Eastern Africa countries border Lake Victoria? Find out if you can play along with this fun geography game!. As I was back in school preparing for my exams, the Geography teacher gave us a geography quiz. Knowing how important it is to learn about the states and countries of the world, I’ve created an easy to play game. Below you’ll find Eastern Africa. Can you answer these questions?

Map of Eastern Africa Capitals

Map of Eastern Africa Capitals

Looking to use a map of Eastern Africa Capitals? I’ve created a list of maps that might be useful. These maps are all offline, work on mobile devices, and have the largest zoom region possible. Let me know what you think.. Did you know that I’m an aspiring cartographer? For the last ten years I have been creating hand-drawn maps. I’ve created maps of places that not exist, and maps of places that do exist in the real world, like a map of everyone’s favorite city: Chicago, Illinois. Anyway, if you’re in need of a map for your book marklets or for whatever reason (maybe to make fun of my art… which is fine by me) you can use this map of Eastern Africa Capitals.. This map of Eastern Africa capitals shows the capital cities of countries and territories in East Africa. In addition, some of the major cities are included in this map. This map also shows the major lakes and rivers as well as the location of important landmarks such as national parks, cities with airports, and sea ports.. The Curious Map Maker is fortunate to have a copy of the National Geographic’s map of Eastern Africa capitals. As such, he could scan the map and turn it into smaller versions. Alternatively, he could stitch together all the capitals on a larger map.

Let’s take a look at the map of the eastern Africa capitals. It’s the African continent with all its capitals, cities and highlighting political borders. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, but if you’re feeling lost in this huge continent, just click on one capital and you’ll be able to find out about its country and neighbouring another country.. Geography has always been one of my favourite subjects in school. I loved learning about the different countries, capitals and physical features on our planet. And yup, there was always a portion of that lesson dedicated to exploring Eastern Africa (or at least it seemed that way). In light of our first map post , we thought it would be appropriate to share with you an Eastern Africa map that highlights the capitals of this vast region.. Did you know that every country in Eastern Africa has different capital cities? Did you also know that the capitals are really old and have rich history that’s a must for all tourists to visit?. This map displays the capital cities of the African countries located in Eastern Africa.

Afraid you’ll forget the capital cities of Eastern region African countries? That’s understandable. So, I made this helpful map to use as a reference. Now, there is no excuse not to remember all the countries and their capital cities!. If you’re trying to find any other place, check out the list of Eastern Africa countries below. Good luck! If you can’t find the country you’re looking for, try searching again or take a look at the geography of Eastern Africa.