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China Provinces Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game China: Provinces. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

China is a vast country. You can travel there and see so many beautiful places. On the other hand, you can stay at home and learn about China. It sounds strange? No! Have a try with this China Provinces Quiz Game!. China Provinces is a free geography game where you have to guess the location of all 33 Chinese provinces. There is also an option to put your scores on public leaderboards so you can challenge your friends, family and coworkers.. Can you name China’s Provinces? This is the most addictive geography quiz game on the app store. Test your knowledge of China and its Provinces. Each round challenges you to identify a randomly selected Province from a pool of 18 to win a prize! How many correct answers can you get?. Featuring all 33 Provinces and Regions in China, complete with an interactive map. The online China provinces game is a unique way to learn more about the country of China and it’s provinces. Made by hhglobal – the global experts in education materials and creative teaching resources.

This is a fun little quiz game made to be played between individuals and see who really knows the provinces of China. You can choose to play online with your friends or download the game to your computer for offline use.. There are 31 provinces in the People’s Republic of China. They make up the PRC. Each province has its own capital, geographic location and history. Do you know all the provinces? Test yourself with this fun quiz game. Geography is fun! Play today!. Are you interested in China? Do you know anything about Chinese provinces? In this quiz game we want to teach you more about the language and the geography of China. We’ll be testing your knowledge primarily on the different provinces from China.. Do you know much about the geography of China? This is a simple quiz game that can help you learn the location of all of the Provinces and Autonomous Regions in China. You can use it to brush up on geography for studying or just for fun.

Questions about China and it’s provinces? You’ve come to the right place, let’s get started! 1. Which of these provinces is the biggest in area? A). Shanghai. China is a big country and with many provinces. Do you know them all? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

China Provinces Map

China Provinces Map

Look, I picked China as my country because I like Chinese food, and who doesn’t. But it didn’t work out well cause now I have to live in a place I never even been and probably never will. At least, that’s what my new boss tells me. And you want to know something. I’ve searched everything about China on the Internet and can’t find a map of provinces. So this is why I created this China Provinces Map for everyone who ever wanted to print one for whatever reason.. The China Provinces Map will show you the location of all 31 Chinese provinces. Each Chinese province is listed below with its Capital, Currency, Area and Population. Any Chinese province can be clicked on to find out more detailed information about it, such as: its biggest city, capitals of counties, postal code ranges and postcodes for a specific city/town/area, attractions near-by and many others.. China is a fascinating country with gorgeous landscapes and diverse terrain. Travel afficianados will want to check out the provinces map of China. The admin has drawn the map to show all the provinces in the world’s most populous country, so you can plan your next holiday with ease. This China provinces map outlines provinces and city capitals:. Provinces of China map is available here. Each province is the highlighted and active link. And the provinces name is the popup window. You can go to any province you like from this map.

I made a map! You can click the picture above to interact with the larger fullscreen version. It’s a map of all the provinces and regions of china (because I couldn’t find one that was good enough).. Do you know the names of all 33 provinces of China? Believe it or not, there are many people who don’t. This map is a clickable and zoomable list of all them. It also shows each province’s name in pinyin (the official writing system for Chinese) as well as the population of the province.. China is a huge country with many provinces, cities, and islands. Understanding where each province is can be super helpful. The google map I’ve included shows the location of 27 provinces. Click each red pin you see to learn more about that specific location including most populous city, capital city, area size, and population.. There are 30 provincial-level divisions in China . The most populous one is the Shandong province of which the capital city is Jinan. That being said, let’s take a look at what each region does, shall we?

If you are to talk about China, then I am sure that the first thing that comes into your mind is big people and their big country. But something interesting about China is that it isn’t really that big. The physical area of the whole country (not including islands) is roughly the same size as the US state of Montana, or twice the size of Alaska. The provinces are so small but yet there are 22 of them, hence we can go over each one of them and learn a little about their history and culture.. China is one of the largest countries in the world and it is home to 1.4 billion people. It is also a huge country with different provinces and cities found all over the country.

Geography Game China Provinces

Geography Game China Provinces

Did you know that China has 31 provinces? Did you also know that your geography skills will increase by playing the Geography Game China Provinces? We have the exact game for you.. Geography Game China Provinces is a free geography game designed for children. The game is playable in both English and Chinese . The game has been released and was developed by Fingertips Education .. Geography Game China Provinces is a very cool geography app where you can test your knowledge in colorful and funny way.. Time to take on a new challenge: there’s a Geography game of China provinces that has finally been created by one of your fellow students. This game, which is a good tool to learn more about China and to test your knowledge in this area, is available online and you’re welcome to play it and discuss it with other people who have already played it.

Ah, the geography game: I remember it so well. It has been a long time since I played this educational game as a child, but thanks to my daughter, I have a chance to play again. This geography game is a bit different than the one I grew up with. This edition has China Provinces with their capitals and capitals with their provinces.. Did you enjoy our Geography Game USA States ? If you happen to be learning about the geography of China and would like to test your knowledge, this game is perfect for you. The game consists of 42 individual questions, each one has a choice of 3 answers.. What do you think about China provinces? Is it a beautiful place? There may be some places you want to go. But I guess it is hard to get to China provinces. Well perhaps you can climb over Chai river. It is on your way to Xinjiang province.. Test your knowledge of the geography of China’s Provinces!

Test your knowledge of China’s Provinces by finding all the provinces on the map.. Would you like to quiz yourself on the Provinces of China? Test your knowledge with this fun and interactive game.

Map of China Provinces

Map of China Provinces

Here it is — the map of China Provinces you’ve been searching for. We’ve just published a new Map of China Provinces that’s exciting and dynamic. This is one of my favorite maps and I’m sure you will enjoy it, too.. Map of China Provinces is a map of China’s 31 provinces, showing provincial boundaries and names in English, pinyin and Chinese. It also shows the major cities. Geographically accurate.. Map of China Provinces. Made in China by the Chinese.. The map of China provinces above is actually an interactive version so you can click on each individual province to read more information about it. The provinces are also organized into two groups depending on their location within China. I have created a map showing the China province boundaries below as well.

This is a map of China provinces.. This is a map of China provinces. Use the zoom function to zoom in on the map. You can also use your fingers to zoom in and out.. Looking for a map of China’s provinces? You’ve found it. The map below is clickable and zoomable, giving you fast and easy access to each province on the map. The provinces are color coded by their geographical region (Northwestern, Northeastern, Southwestern, Southeastern).. A map of China showing the provinces and a brief explanation of each province.

If you are looking for a map that shows you where each province is in the country, we have one. This map shows you the location of each province in China.. China is an enormous country. The only other countries that even come close to China’s size are Russia and Canada, but Canada is almost completely covered in ice, and there isn’t much in Russia except for a few small cities surrounded by snow everywhere you turn! If you compare China to independent states, then it’s the largest country in the world. There are, as of 2016, 34 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities directly under the central government (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing), and 1 region (Hong Kong).