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China Province Capitals Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game China: Province Capitals. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Are you the ultimate geography buff? It’s time to find out. Take the China Province Capitals Quiz Game. Prove that you know more about China than others.. Are you ready for a fun challenge? This China province capitals quiz game is quick and easy to start yet tricky to master.. Are you interested in China’s provinces? Do you want to learn about each Chinese province? Then you must check out our new quiz game, China Province Capitals Quiz!. How well do you know China? Well enough to beat the average person in this free, fun and addictive mobile China province capitals quiz game?

Do you like trivia games? You like guessing games? Then you will love this China Province capitals quiz.. China Province Capitals is a fun game designed to give you a little bit of trouble while learn Chinese Province Capitals. Test your memory with this addictive and fun game, which will not only help you to memorize in an entertaining way the Chinese Province Capitals, but also allow you to compare your score against friends through multiple social media platforms.. Are you good with geography and puzzles? Can you name China province capitals in 15 seconds? Challenge yourself with this fun game. It’s a must-have game for ages 6 – 106!. Come and test your knowledge of China’s Provinces capitals in this interactive map quiz. See how many you can get right!

This is a fun way to learn China’s capital provinces, and you get to test your friends knowledge too.. Can you name all of China’s provinces? Take a test, and find out!

China Province Capitals Map

China Province Capitals Map

This China Province Capitals Map uses a set of graphics to help you memorize the names of the 31 provinces of China. If you’ve always been fascinated by the Middle Kingdom and want to learn the name of your next travel destination, but learned that – hang on! Where is Fujian? And which one is Henan? – this is what you’re looking for. This map displays each province’s and capital’s location, name, and size in a colorful way and makes memorizing them as easy as pie (or dumplings).. List of china province capitals map with image and names.. China is the most populous country in the world, and here you can see greate map of China province capitals. With a population of 1.357 billion people, China is home to 16% of the world’s population.. If you aren’t familiar with China provinces map, please click the link. I am sure you will get plenty of information that can help you throughout your trip to China.

Are you planning a trip to China? Or just love Chinese culture and geography? Either way, this China provinces map is an essential tool to have.. If you are interested in learning about the Chinese Province Capita. Here’s a map of China that shows the name, abbreviation and location of the capital province of each region (excluding autonomous regions and municipalities). I’ll also be adding each province and region’s area, population, GDP and the first character of their postal code. Exact population figures are difficult to find for all areas, but estimates should suffice for this exercise. In any case, let me know what you think below!. There are 31 provinces and 5 autonomous regions in China. The capitals of these provinces and autonomous regions as well as the previous provincial capitals, autonomous region capitals and special administrative region capital are below.

Everyone knows China is huge. Yet, no one ever remembers the capital city of each Chinese province. In this post, I will provide you a handy reference map containing all Chinese provinces and the capital cities.. There are 34 provinces located in the People’s Republic of China. Each one of these provinces has a city with population over 1 million. Below, you can see a bullseye map of the capital cities in each province.

Geography Game China Province Capitals

Geography Game China Province Capitals

You are going to play Geography Game China Province Capitals which is very fun, educating and addicting game. Choose your favorite character and compete with your friends to determine who’s the ultimate geography expert.. In the Geography Game China Province Capitals, your mission will be to guess the names of the Chinese provinces.. Test your geography knowledge with this Geography Game: China Province Capitals.. Do you know the China Province Capitals ? Do you want to test your general knowledge? MyGeographyGame is a fun geography trivia game and you will play it all the time, you will never get bored.

Do you know your China Province Capitals? Play our geography game and test your knowledge!. Do you like geography? China province capitals are fun and easy to learn. How to play this game? You will be given 1 or 2 letters. The Chinese name of the Chinese provinces always have these letters in sequence. Can you figure out the first letter of the province? Click on the lucky button, and have a try!. Please take a moment to review the China Province Capitals game. Make sure your volume switch is set to low if you are at work or school as the music may offend some. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!. Traveling soon? Whether you’re a seasoned world traveler or planning your first trip abroad, this Geography Game can help you keep track of the capital cites of all 41 provinces in China.

Are you a geography whiz? Test your knowledge of China’s provinces capitals in this fun geography training game.. This is a game where you have to match the China Province Capitals with their correct place. They are written in Chinese with Pinyin for those people who can not read Chinese characters. The game is great way for everyone to learn about Chinese provinces and remember them easily!

Map of China Province Capitals

Map of China Province Capitals

This is a map of China province capitals. It is divided into nine regions, namely Northeast, North, Northwest, Southwest, South, Central China and East Asia. Of the provincial capitals in China, seven are not provincial capitals anymore. Xining was removed from Qinghai Province in 1987 and moved to become a provincial capital of autonomous region Xining City. Suizhong was also removed from Liaoning Province as a provincial city in 1996, and instead became a district of Dalian City.. This is a link map of China province capitals. There are altogether 23 provincial capital cities, and they are the open areas of the maps. Each city is displayed with different colors, which can be seen from the Map key below.. Looking for a map of all the province capitals in China? Look no further! This map includes original hand drawn borders and province markers, each with its own unique texture, from this project ( I’ve been working on.. I use Google Maps often to find out the distance from one place to another, but I don’t like continually having to resize the window. So I created a map of China’s provincial capitals that you can quickly access and then just send it to a second monitor for as long as you’re on Google Maps.

As a Chinese who has travelled in China, I often got to discuss with friends about geography knowledge gained from the diverse landscape in different provinces. The knowledge such as provinces where I can see snow, the height of the mountains, etc. Then I began to memorize all provinces and even some county-level cities in developing regions. In order to help people who are studying Chinese language, or learning more about geography of China, I would like to draw out a map of all province capitals in mainland China with pictures of landscapes in each province.. This is a map of the Chinese province capitals (effective January 1, 2016).. This is a map of the 36 province capitals of the People’s Republic of China. You can click on it to see it at full size, and then download it for use elsewhere.. China is the most populous country in the world. Here is a map of province capitals.

China is a spectacular country. It’s huge and magnificent and exotic, with an extremely long history. In most of the world, China is an unknown country. It’s hard to imagine, but before I moved here, I had no idea the names of each Chinese province capitals.. It is a so-called “administrative division” of the Chinese government among provinces, and is not a statutory official concept. Most provincial capitals are named after their main cities. There are also common names, such as Hanggang, Tiandihui, Benshui, Mosaic, etc.