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Cape Verde Municipalities Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Cape Verde: Municipalities. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

You can enjoy this amazing Cape Verde Municipalities Quiz Game and discover your knowledge about municipalities of Cape Verde.. Have you ever had a boring day when you feel nearly nothing interesting may happen? Well, I had one of those too. What did I do ? I spent it devising a Cape Verde municipalities quiz game. My mind was abuzz with anticipation to make it something quite special so as to take your mind away from that guilty feeling that something should have happened and nothing did.. It’s finally here! The first Cape Verde Municipalities Quiz Game. It’s actually been a project I’ve wanted to do for some time, but it is finally live and ready. Basically, for the first edition we have prepared eight rounds of questions on each of the 10 municipalities of Cape Verde. You can visit and take it yourself or test your friends out by sending them the quiz link before.. (Actually, you are supposed to take it only once but play more than once to test how knowledgeable you are). Welcome to Your Cape Verde Municipalities Quiz Game! There are 10 questions for each island. After you answer all the questions, you can compete with other players from your island and win great prices. Good luck!

This is the official Cape Verde Municipalities Quiz Game. Think you know all there is to know about the Capeverdean municipalities? Then take the quiz and see if you can beat your high score!. Play the Cape Verde Municipalities Quiz Game and test your knowledge of this beautiful archipelago!. Ready to put your knowledge about Cape Verde’s municipalities to the test? If you answered yes, then try this quiz Game that I’ve built for you.. How much do you know about Cape Verde municipalities? Test your knowledge with this fun, free, and interactive quizz app!

Do you know the municipalities of Cape Verdean islands? Take this quiz to see how many you can name!. Are you a fan of Cape Verde? Do you like geography? Do you look for something you can do alone at home or with your friends? Then this is a game for you.

Cape Verde Municipalities Map

Cape Verde Municipalities Map

Welcome to the Cape Verde Municipalities Map! There are currently 27 municipalities in Cape Verde. They are: Praia, Boa Vista Town, Sal, Mindelo, Saladase, Ponta do Sol, Benfica Sul (Old), Monte Gordo (New), São Domingos de Benfica, São Nicolau, São Salvador de Benfica, Tarrafal and Ribeira Grande (one municipality made up of part of the District of Santo António).. The best map of Cape Verde is not the one you find on Wikipedia or Google. It is the map located at Cape Verde Municipalities Map which is completely free and needs an internet connection.. If you are looking for a place to migrate to Cape Verde — or just want to see what the country’s geography is like, the Cape Verde Municipalities Map is now available. The map contains a vast amount of information about Cape Verde including relations between different cities and municipalities, places of interest, transportation routes and flight paths.. The goal of this project was to map all municipalities as they are in Cape Verde. The most important thing was to show the true situation on the ground, so I’ve had to take photographs from different angles and locations. This is the result! The best way to learn is by doing, so here it goes: you’re now holding in your hands a geographical map of the municipalities of Cape Verde. You can download it for free and print it out for better knowledge about our country. For more information about this map, visit its author’s blog: or look at his Google+ page:

A simple map of the Cape Verdean municipalities. In Portuguese. Cape Verde is a relatively small country – but covering an area of over 5,600 square kilometres. The population numbers above 250,000 (2011 census). The capital is Praia. Five of the eight municipalities have the same name and are often referred to as príncipais (principalities).. The map shows all municipality in the Cape Verde islands.. Don’t let the map below scare you. The map below shows the boundaries of all of Cape Verde’s municipalities (which are called distritos). I’ve put these together in one easy-to-understand sequence. You can click for a larger view or download the Word doc file for reference.. Map of Cape Verde at checkerboard…not the map of various states in the United States. I’m talking about a map of Cape Verde — the Republic of the Insular offshoot, off the coast of Africa, half way between Senegal and São Vicente.

What is the map of Cape Verde? What is its purpose? Do you know where it gets its name? Is it correct to say “Cape Verde” instead of “Portuguese Cape VERDE”?. Cape Verde, also known as Cabo Verde, is an island nation in the Western region of Africa. Cape Verde is a highly developed country with one of the highest human development index. It is a popular cruise ship destination. Its government is based in Praia, the nation’s second largest city . Its economy is largely dependent on tourism, booming industries and the main industry – agriculture. It has some of the most expensive real estate on Earth going for more than $1m per-square-meter or $35,000 per-acre lot.

Geography Game Cape Verde Municipalities

Geography Game Cape Verde Municipalities

Geography Game Cape Verde Municipalities is a free Android game that belongs to the category Educational Games, and has been developed by 1Mobile. It’s available for users with the operating system Android 4.3 and more recent versions, and it is translated into different languages such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese.. The Geography Game is a geography game based on the popular flag games. Each time the player answers the question correctly, he/she will be rewarded with one star for the country of their choice. If they get 4 stars in a level, they can unlock an achievement! (Check out more about this product at As a geography teacher and also because I love games, I was eager to create a fun way to learn more about geography in my lessons, so I worked hard and now there are Cape Verde Municipalities.. Geography Cape Verde has 11 municipalities. Find out with this geography quiz game as many as possible in a limited time. Set up your name and email in settings below, if you want. If you don’t, just press the big orange start button to start playing the game. Good luck :). If you like geography and you like playing games, then this is the game for you! Learn more about Cape Verde municipalities.

I went to the Geography Cape Verde game, and boy was I surprised by how fun it was! First, you get a map of Cape Verde and then you need to find the 10 stars located on the islands. Once you have completed this task, you can start playing. To win the game, you have to answer questions about the geography of Cape Verde.. This game is a fun and interactive way to learn about Cape Verde. Based on the country Cape Verde and its municipios.. Name three Cape Verde municipalities. I’ll wait… That was easy, wasn’t it? Well, that’s because there are only eight municipalities in the country and you’ve probably heard of them all (or at least seven).. The international version of the Geography Game, Geoguessr, has been pretty popular since it launched in 2010. With the unique gameplay that rapidly increases in difficulty as you progress through each of the 256 challenging levels, it is no surprise players keep returning to Geoguessr time and time again.

Cape Verde is a group of islands in the West Atlantic and North of Africa. The country’s population is estimated to be about 545,000 inhabitants, since 2009, and its capital city is Praia.. Every grade school student studies the states and capitals back in history class, and as a way to try to entice people to pay attention and generally avoid dropout, teachers had students memorize the names and locations of the states. They’ve changed quite a bit since then. For example, If you took geography class 20 years ago, you were likely taught that Arizona is located in the U.S., Canada is on the border with Washington state and Nebraska is right below Iowa — but today, the states look much different.

Map of Cape Verde Municipalities

Map of Cape Verde Municipalities

The Cape Verde Municipalities Map is a Google Map of the 13 municipalities of Cape Verde. The original data are from Instituto Nacional de Estatistica, Cape Verde.. This is a simple map of all Cape Verde municipalities, you can easily zoom in and out using the plus and minus buttons underneath the map.. This is a map of Cape Verde showing the municipalities in the nation. Each municipality has a cluster of 5-10 dots on it indicating the location of that municipal seat.. The following simple interactive map shows the Municipalities of Cape Verde. Over 160 different municipalities are split across nine larger islands and thirty two smaller ones making up the archipelago nation. Some popular towns, like Santa Maria, Fogo and Praia can be found on most of the larger islands. While other remote places like São Lourenço do Barrocal and Santa Luzia can be found on Santo Antão island.

A map of the Municipalities of Cape Verde. The Island country of Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean, while being an Africa country with a population of around 500,000 people.. Here you can find a physical map (or more precisely an interactive Google Map) of the Cape Verde municipalities and de-facto islands.. Your guide to Cape Verde’s 45 municipalities !. You might be thinking: Ehm, this has nothing to do with photography. Yes, you’re right, these aren’t photographs. But still, it’s a map about Cape Verde. Maybe it’s for an assignment for school, or maybe you just needed a break from studying songs lyrics. The fact is that you needed this map and I’m happy to provide it for you.

Cape Verde is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, 940 miles off the coast of West Africa. It’s always interesting to learn about countries you have never been to. I have compiled a map that can serve as a general reference guide when planning your next trip there.. Cape Verde is an island country, and archipelago of 10 islands located in front of the coast of Western Africa, 500 km off the coast of Senegal. It was discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1460 and settled from 1462 to 1485. Cape Verde is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The beaches are jaw dropping and there is a reason it is known as the Hawaii of Africa.