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Armenia Provinces Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Armenia: Provinces. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

Armenia Provinces Quiz Game is a brand new app created for the android users residing in Armenia, as well as all over the world. The app is available at play store and on the official website of Sativan Adjarian (the creator of this app). You can use this app to get advanced knowledge about your country. At the same time you can test your nivice-level Armenian language skills.. Armenia Provinces Quiz Game is an educational game, in which you need to state all provinces located in Armenia. The game contains a total of 55 questions, which are all about Armenian provinces.. Cram this knowledge into your brain! This is the Armenia Provinces “quiz game”. You will be quizzed on which of the 9 provinces are located in which cities. A lot of people don’t know that much about Armenia, but now with this “quiz game” you’ll be able to amaze and astound your friends with your knowledge of all things Armenian!. Armenia’s provinces quiz game is a fun and interactive map based learning activity where you can learn the location of each and every one of Armenia’s provinces. The game is suitable for all ages whether you are interested in the geography of Armenia or willing to take up a new challenge. You start by clicking on any province to select it. When you have chosen two neighboring provinces they are added to your territory and you move on to your next task. Now you can click on a country to see its name and capital, or to add even more provinces of Armenia, or you can click a random button to get a new random set of coordinates of Armenia’s provinces (you will score points for every correct answer).

Love quizzes and want to test your knowledge? Take this Armenia Provinces quiz game and see how many you can get right.. A quiz game to test your knowledge of the location of all 69 provinces in Armenia!. Armenia provinces and cities are tricky to memorize. Try this quiz game to test your knowledge!. Test your knowledge of Armenian Provinces with our quiz game. Choose from a series of random questions or create your own game to suit your needs.

Armenia has 9 provinces. See if you can name them all. Challenge your friends to find out who’s the smartest of you.. This fun and engaging game is ideal for teachers who want to test their students’ knowledge on the provinces of Armenia. Students can have fun while improving their knowledge of interesting facts about Armenia.

Armenia Provinces Map

Armenia Provinces Map

Are you looking for Armenia Provinces map? Get your free large high quality map of Armenia and see the geographical location of Armenia provinces.. Looking for an Armenia provinces map? With this detailed and fully editable vector map you will get the exact, fresh and updated information. Printable at A1 size.. Here is a map of Armenia’s 12 provinces. [Map of Armenia Provinces]( Looking for a map to display the Provinces in Armenia? Here you go! The map includes cities, capitals, roads, and lakes/rivers.

Maps are an effective visual way to convey information. If you want to display the location of your business or write about Armenia, it’s useful to have a map of the country on hand. This particular map of Armenia’s provinces is editable and can be used in your blog and online publications.. Armenia is a mountainous country with a lot of beautiful and interesting provinces. Let’s take a look in this brief and informative infographic about the different Armenian provinces.. Here is a printable map of Armenia’s 10 provinces. The map gives you an idea about the topography of Armenia and its 10 historic regions from where each province got its name.. Did you know? – Armenia has 11 Vardanks, or Provinces. These are Adjara, Aragatsotn, Ararat, Armavir, Gegharkunik, Kotayk

Here’s a map of the provinces of Armenia:. Armenia is one of the most beautiful (and small) countries in the world, but have you ever asked your self where I am on the map? This post is all about telling you where you are in Armenia.

Geography Game Armenia Provinces

Geography Game Armenia Provinces

The planet is home to a wide variety of countries, big and small — each with its own colorful history and culture. While some of them are well-known the world over, others can be tougher to identify on a map. It’s no wonder people need help to learn how to play games online for free. Interactice geography games like Geography Game Armenia Provinces can help.. How good are you at geography game? Find out with our Geography Game about Armenia Provinces.. This is a geography game on Armenian Provinces. Armenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, bordered by Turkey to the west and northwest, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran and Azerbaijan’s exclave of Nakhchivan to the south. The terrain is mountainous, with deep valleys formed by major rivers flowing from the Armenian Highlands to the Caspian Sea.. This geography game allows you to learn and review the location of each province in Armenia. It is a simple educational game for kids. The goal is to locate all the provinces by their geographical names in the country of Armenia.

This game is a geography game made for children to practice the provinces and regions of Armenia.. It is one of the most exciting and challenging educational geography games for kids in English and Armenian with flashcards and matching pairs. – 39 pairs of country’s provinces and flags. – You can play with your child and assign skill levels. – Great fun for kid and education as well.. Armenian provinces (Armenia is internationally recognised as a country in its own right rather than being part of Georgia) are made up of many different towns, cities and villages.. Save your scores, login with Facebook and compete with your friends in this geography game.

A lot of people have a hard time memorizing the countries of the world. Even though there are many tricks you can use to more easily remember names, capitals and flags, most are way too complicated for me. I find it much easier to learn countries’ geography instead. That’s what this game is all about – finding the capital of each country by clicking the map. I’ve re-designed and improved the previous version using SVG maps that give you a great view and feel of any country, as well as some brand new features that are sure to make your experience even better.. Armenia is a mountainous landlocked country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, bordered on the north and east by Georgia and Azerbaijan, on the south by Iran, and on the west by Turkey.

Map of Armenia Provinces

Map of Armenia Provinces

When you’re looking for information about Armenia Provinces, it’s easy to find great photos and articles about the country on the internet. But if you want to get a good digital map of Armenia Provinces, then it can be a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, we’ve done some research for you and put together this page of all the best maps of Armenia Provinces. Here are some highlights:. Here is a map of Armenia Provinces with their capital cities.. This map of Armenia provinces was created by the team at Quick Maps. You can barely see the provinces yourself, which is why we made this map for you to use in your own designs.. Armenia is a small country in the Transcaucasian region, its territory covers an area of 29,743 square kilometers (11,484 square miles), with a population of 3 million people. We recommend you to use the map of Armenia provinces. At first sight the individual aspects of Armenia are not that interesting. The length from North to South is about 140km, from West to East – about 475km.

A map of Armenia’s provinces is given.. We have collected and completed a list of all the 41 provinces of Armenia, including a detailed and informative map.. On the map of Armenia, 3 provinces are highlighted in green — Aragatsotn, Kotayk and Shirak (in other words, province no. 1, province no. 2 and province no. 3). These are depicted as dark green color with a rectangle containing the name of the corresponding province surrounded by a dark green frame. The map contains all major national highways, which are represented by red line with scale marks on both sides of the drawn route. Light blue circles located along the highways indicate distances from Yerevan to the highway’s start point.. Have you heard of Armenia? Is it part of the old Soviet Union, or present day Russia? If so, you’d be right. You’ve probably also heard of Pasadena, CA and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Perhaps even Cleveland, Ohio is ringing a bell? Nope? Well maybe because this map is about Armenia!

I created this map as a personal project to learn the art of cartography, and because I am Armenian. Image quality depends on the size you choose. The largest map is obviously higher quality.. Armenia is a landlocked country in the South Caucasus, bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Iran and Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan exclave to the south. The terrain is mostly mountainous, with lowlands in the Great Plain in western Armeniа, and large valleys of the Aras and Araks Rivers. Armenia has 2 exclaves inside Azerbaijan – Nagorno-Karabakh and Yuxarı Əskipara.