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Africa Cities Quiz Game

Map Quiz Game Africa: Cities. Interactive educational game Online Seterra

We’ve released a fun game for your mobile devices. Test your knowledge of world cities with Africa Cities Quiz Game.. Got 4 minutes? Then you can play our new Africa Cities Quiz Game!. Did you know that you can travel to over 30 African cities in the course of a day? Our brand new Africa quiz game, available on your laptop or smartphone, will test your knowledge of The Most Exciting Place On Earth!. Do you enjoy playing trivia games? In this Africa quiz game you have to try to guess which African capital is the answer to each of the 10 questions. Don’t worry if you get stuck, a new quiz will be generated every time. As you get better at the game, it will also increase in difficulty as well by increasing the number of questions and capitals per quiz.

You love African cities. Test your knowledge of African cities in a fun, interactive way.. Game was developed in collaboration with Ushahidi, and aims to teach people about the geography of Africa. It is meant for any one that is interested in finding out where are the capitals of Africa, or to help schoolchildren gain geographical knowledge.. Have you ever wanted to test your geography knowledge, challenge a companion, or just learn more about Africa? This quiz game is sure to do all three.. Do you know where these African cities are?

Can you name these African cities?. Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent on Earth after Asia. At about 30,300,000 square kilometres (11,700,000 square miles) including adjacent islands, it covers about 6% of Earth’s total surface area and 20% of its land area.

Africa Cities Map

Africa Cities Map

Africa Cities Map is a tool that has been developed to help everyone, even those who are not very well known with Africa, find easily the capital of any country in Africa. This implementation is possible by adapting the African cities, capitals and locations on a map.. Are you looking for Africa Cities Map? Here is a collection of African countries map and a detailed political huge wall map of Africa continent.. This Africa Cities Map shows our beautiful continent’s stunning diversity as well as the challenges that many African cities face today. It’s a bold map, reflecting the hopes and aspirations of millions, a challenge to overcome the current myriad of problems that characterise the most of Africa cities.. If you love traveling and you love exploring different cities, then you will love this Africa Cities Map. It is a custom designed map that was created to embrace the African civilization (both of the past and the present) in a more modern way.

Africa’s breathtaking mountains, fertile plains, sweeping savannas and tropical forests could not be more diverse, yet the continent shares common foundations running through the colour of its people, its wildlife and its incredible wildlife. Explore Africa with AfricaCitiesMap. Here is the Africa map of cities and major towns, a continent on the western side of the world.. Ever wondered what cities are the largest in Africa? You’re not alone. This map shows the largest city in each country of Africa.. This Africa map shows cities (including towns) with over 1000 inhabitants. You can zoom in and out using the zoom control on the left side of the map. If a city is not positioned correctly, feel free to use the search box to search for its name.

Here is a map showcasing most of the cities in Africa with their infrastructure and internet access.. The continent of Africa, the second largest and second most populous continent on earth, is home to a vast number of cities. From east to west, north to south, you can find hundreds of African cities. These hubs of human activity are all very different from each other in terms of size, location, and area as well as in terms of infrastructure, climate, population and figures.

Geography Game Africa Cities

Geography Game Africa Cities

Have you ever played the Geography Game Africa Cities?. Practice your geography skills with this city quiz. Match the name of a city to its country or continent.How good is your geography? Test it by taking Geography Game Africa Cities Challenge! hints: China, India, and Japan, but not necessarily in that order :). Geography Game Africa Cities will let you enjoy a game which is based on the African countries and their capitals. You can have fun freely by answering the questions about geography of Africa.. The geography game, Africa cities is a game where the user will have to answer questions based on the names of African cities. The user can ask the site to shuffle and if it changes the order to something he doesn’t expect, he’ll need to re-answer the question.

Are you a geography expert? Show your skills in this Africa cities quiz game. It’s fun and educative at the same time.. Cities in Africa is a geography game where you have to guess the name of cities in Africa..

Africa Cities

Rank City
AbidjanCote d’Ivoire